Watch The Official Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Video – “Time To Go To War”
Another stunning gameplay video has been released for Batman: Arkham Knight. Watch Batman kick some butt in this new trailer!
Dying Light's New Bozark Horde DLC Launch Trailer Is Here!
Check out some of the game play at Harran Stadium. Enjoy new challanges and with some teamates and don't get caught by zombies... If you didn't know that already.
Destiny's Possible Next Expansion and Their New"ish" Alliance With High Noon Studios.
Destiny's next expansion gets a name? High Noon Studios will also be stepping in and helping with the game. See the details here!
Track List Tuesday For Guitar Hero Live Is HERE! See the New Tracks!
This week is especially good! See the new playable tracks that will be coming to Guitar Hero Live when it releases!
Until Dawn Gets a Thrilling Release Date Later This Year!
Watch the Launch Date Reveal trailer and experience some of the horror that will be coming this fall! Watch it here!
Four New OVERWATCH Gameplay Trailers Released By Blizzard!
Watch four all new OVERWATCH gameplay trailers that were released by Blizzard. Each trailer depicts a character in action with their abilities
Check Out Square Enix's Completely New Thor Figurine! It's Amazing!
Square Enix is at it again! This time they take the Norse God Thor and gave him a complete makeover! See the photos here!
The Weekly Destiny Update: House of Wolves Nightfall Strike Run
This week three GameFragger insiders take on the nightfall. See the run and gain some tips for the nightfall! Watch it here!
NEVERWINTER: STRONGHOLDS Coming in the Summer With PVP Action
Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter introduce a massive PvP expansion that is set to release this summer! Watch the intro trailer here!
New Track List for Guitar Hero Live is Here!
A whole new track list was revealed for the next edition in the Guitar Hero series. See all the new playable tracks here!
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