See Bizarro Face Off Against Darkseid in the Bizarro DLC for LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham!
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is getting some crazy friends today with the Bizarro DLC pack. See what friends will be joining him! Plus a insane DLC Trailer!
New Official THE CREW - Speed Live Update - Trailer DLC #2
See what you will get with the new content coming to The Crew! There are some sweet rides, a news pvp mode and some new faction missions.
GIVEAWAY: Win Your Choice of Game! Choose Between Four Games!
February is just the beginning for a long year of video gaming. This next week you can win your choice of four games! Find out how to win here!
Lizard Squad is back to attack Xbox Live and Daybreak Games'
The hacker group known as the Lizard Squad is back attacking gaming life as we know it. The group has hacked Sony and Microsoft last Christmas, but new attacks are starting.
New Official FINAL FANTASY TYPE-O HD Trailer.
Square Enix decided to grace fans of FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD, with an English Subtitles that display the story, gameplay and some epic battle scenes!
The Weekly Destiny Update: Reputation, Xur and The Weekly Adventure!
Another week has passed and here we are with another update! This week we go over the new reputation checker, what Xur is selling and our Weekly Adventure! See the new updates here!
New Official Just Cause 3 "Firestarter" Trailer is Here!
Rico Rodriguez is back in the Firestarter trailer. It goes deep into the mind of rico the most explosive action hero in gaming. See it in all its glory here!
Assassin's Creed Movie To Start Filming Soon. Will Video Game Movies Make It?
Yves Guillemot CEO of Ubisoft announced Assassin's Creed is not entering into production. Is the the beginning of awesome movies based on video games? See what we think!
Ubisoft Reveals Some of the Troubles They Had With Assassin's Creed Unity. See Our Take Here!
Ubisoft revealed that the creation of the engine for Assassin's Creed was "painful" along with other details. Is that enough to get players back to their games? See it all here!
For the First Time Bethesda Will Have An E3 Press Conference. Big Announcement on the Horizon?
Doom and Elder Scrolls Online for consoles are already in the works, but could Bethesda be releasing more than just that? We think so! See what we think here!
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