Crash the Party With Bowser In Mario Party 10 for WiiU!
There are some new things coming to Mario Party 10 for WiiU! Control Bowser and stop Mario and friends from getting to the end of the map! See the details here!
Call of Duty's Ascendance DLC is Closer Than We Think!
See what time in March everyone will get a boost with the Ascendance DLC for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare!
Infinite Crisis Announces Krypto in This New Intro Trailer!
Infinit Crisis Launches on March 26th and the heroic hound Krypto will enter Infinite Crisis shortly after. Check out the spotlight trailer!
The survival horror game Resident Evil Revelations 2 available in retail stores today! See the retail store trailer!
The Rundown Episode 2! E3 games and much more.
In episode 2 of "The Rundown" we go over our favorite games that are coming to E3 this year. Check out the video!
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Available Digitally and Disc Today
Get your copy of Final Fantasy Type-O HD today! It is available on all Xbox One and Playstation 4. See the launch trailer and game details!
LEGO Jurassic World Just Got a Gameplay Trailer! See it NOW!
This year we will see a new Jurassic World movie and we get the LEGO Game based on all 4 of the movies. Dinosaurs haven't had this big of a year since they died.
The Creepy Bloodborne "Undone by Blood" Trailer Is HERE.
Here is another trailer for the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne. A perfect blend of creepy and awesome! See the trailer here!
The Weekly Destiny Update: 1.1.2, The Red Death and The Weekly Adventure!
This week, we go over the first look at update 1.1.2, Xur's Red Death and the GameFragger weekly adventure. Lets do this!
Mortal Kombat X Introduces the Cage Family in This Epic Trailer!
Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage and Cassie Cage are all coming to kick some serious butt in Mortal Kombat X. See the Trailer!
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