CRYSIS 3: THE LOST ISLAND Multiplayer DLC On Its Way
EA and Crytek have announced that the Lost Island multiplayer DLC for CRYSIS 3 will be hitting as early as next week. Check out the new screenshots!
New HELLRAID Screenshots Released
Techland has released a fresh batch of screenshots for their upcoming first-person slasher HELLRAID.
FUSE Has Hit Retailers
EA and Insomniac Games Launch Explosive New Franchise, FUSE, for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Check out the launch trailer!
Xbox One Highlights & Hardware Specs
Xbox One is hot this week and we thought we would end the week with a wrap-up including highlights from the press event, hardware specs and some of the exclusive titles that will be available for the next-gen console
NEED FOR SPEED RIVALS Announced For Xbox One & PS4
The next title in the Need for Speed franchise has been announced! Check out the teaser trailer and screenshots that accompanied the announcement!
FORZA MOTORSPORT 5  Xbox One Exclusive?
It's been announced that FORZA MOTORSPORT 5 will be available for the Xbox One launch, and that it will be an exclusive title. Check out the new trailer!
CALL OF DUTY: GHOSTS Gets "Reveal" Trailer & Release Date!
Check out the official CoD: Ghosts Reveal trailer and find out when it hits for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PS3 and PC!
Plants vs. Zombies Facebook App Has Hit
Take a Zombie "Road Trip" in first social adaptation of famed PopCap franchise PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES with new plants, zombies, and all-new locations
WATCH DOGS Pre-Order Goodies Revealed
Ubisoft has revealed what goodies will be made available to those that pre-order WATCH DOGS from GameStop or
Ubisoft has released a new trailer for SPLINTER CELL BLACKLIST, giving us our first look at Fisher and Briggs teaming up in Co-Op play!
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