WRC 9 REVIEW: Nacon Brings Rally Racing Back To The Living Room With The Latest Sequel

Nacon and KT Racing have returned with the latest installment of rally goodness; WRC 9. Hit the jump to hear our thoughts on the rally racing simulator!

In the world of video games, one of the oldest genres has been racing; going back even farther than first-person shooters, racing games were there to satisfy a gamer's need for speed and competition. The video game company Nacom respects this better than most with their vast array of simulation titles that include Hunting Simulator 2, Pro Cycling Manager, and of course, the topic of this review, WRC 9.

The ninth installment in the long-running rally racing simulator, WRC 9 brings the beautiful and harsh reality of racing to the forefront in the most realistic way possible. Teaming with KT Racing, this game puts players behind the wheel of not just the car, but the crew and company behind the driver. Right off the bat, the player is placed in a race and given the option to put in their name and start their career. While the races are the main draw, the real strategy aspect comes into play with team management.

During the career, players go through a typical calendar year for a season and practice, rest, race, and make their sponsors look good. There are even upgrade points that can go toward recruiting various team members like mechanics, engineers, physical therapists, and meteorologists, which all go toward preparation for the next race. There are some objectives that can be reached for anyone looking for extra money or a challenge.

Once the preparations in team management are made, the rally tournament begins. Personally, I love racing games, but I found this particular title to be the most realistic feeling one I have ever played, and the learning curve is just as high as the stakes. If the player has a bad race, it can affect team morale and even sponsor support, meaning it's essential to learn and practice any chance they can without working their driver to exhaustion.

The races feel fantastic whether competing online with someone or playing solo. The drifts are intense, and the tracks look like a snapshot from real life. The terrain is never the same, and yes, you may even need to drive at night, in the rain, with a damaged car. Ultimately, for those looking for a casual racing game may not find a large appeal to this title, but for those looking to try something new and definitely challenging, WRC 9 is the game for you.

While there is a steep learning curve and is one of the most in-depth and accurate rally sims out there, WRC 9 manages to make its challenges endlessly fun and addicting. Don't be surprised if you go through the calendar, saying, "I'll do one more day." The racing is fun, and adrenaline pumping, and the tracks are beautiful and varied. In classic Nacon fashion, fans of rally racing will feel even closer to the sport than ever.

WRC 9 - 8/10


The WRC license is back and even better this year with WRC 9. Take part in the Calendar's 3 new rallies (Rally Japan, Safari Rally Kenya and Rally New Zealand) and challenge the community with the customisable Clubs system.

WRC 9 is available now for Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game will also release for the Xbox One X and PS5 later this year!
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