CALL OF DUTY: MOBILE: Controller Support May Return In The Future, According To Activision

CALL OF DUTY: MOBILE: Controller Support May Return In The Future, According To Activision

Despite the features immediate removal at launch, Activision has stated that you may soon be able to play Call of Duty: Mobile with a controller or mouse and keyboard again.

Call of Duty: Mobile launched at the beginning of October. The game is essentially an amalgamation of the many other Call of Duty instalments only this one's playable on your phone. Since launch, the mobile game has been downloaded over 100 million times — more on that here.

Ahead of Call of Duty: Mobile's debut, it was believed that players would be able to use a controller as well as a mouse and keyboard to play — rather than by sliding their fingers all around their touchscreen device. However, Activision recently revealed that this feature was removed as the game launched.

Now, though, the publisher is saying that there's a chance that controller support may return to Call of Duty: Mobile after all. According to Activision, there's vocal bunch of players who want to be able to play with a controller. Thus, the feature is being reworked and tested for a possible reintroduction in the future.

“We hear you loud and clear that you want to know about controller support. We are currently testing controller support and looking at the possibility of offering this feature sometime in the future, but we'd have to make sure it is properly implemented and balanced. Just hang tight," read an official post to the game's subreddit — which you can check out here.

Call of Duty®: Mobile is a new free-to-play game that brings together the maps, weapons and characters from across the Call of Duty® series in the definitive first-person action experience on mobile.

Call of Duty: Mobile is out now for iOS and Android devices.
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