Honest Trailer For DEAD RISING 4 Pokes Fun At The Capcom Clichés

Honest Trailer For DEAD RISING 4 Pokes Fun At The Capcom Clichés

The latest honest video game trailer puts the spotlight on Dead Rising 4, a title which seriously underperformed this Christmas. What's wrong with it? Well, the same thing as a lot of other Capcom releases apparently!

Various sites are making a pretty big deal over the fact that Dead Rising 4 is already being sold for less than the number of days it's been out, but it's typical at this time of year for titles which disappointed to come under fire! That probably explains why the Honest Trailers team has decided to focus on the game which really let fans down this month, especially due to decisions made in regards to co-op. 

However, it's not that which comes under fire here! Instead, the trailer zeroes in on some of the story decisions and the game's 
daft customization options. Oh, and let's not forget those bizarre selfies! The Walking Dead also understandably gets a mention, while some of the familiar storytelling decisions from most Capcom games factoring into this title are also given a well-deserved dressing down here! 

What did you think of Dead Rising 4? As always, let us know that in the comments section below. 

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