Sony Pictures' RESIDENT EVIL: VENDETTA Just Got A NEW Trailer

Sony Pictures' RESIDENT EVIL: VENDETTA Just Got A NEW Trailer

Check out the latest trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil Vendetta animated feature film and as always let us know what you think!

Sony Pictures released a brand new trailer for their upcoming animated feature film Resident Evil: Vendetta. The trailer features Resident Evil staples Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy and Rebecca Chambers(Resident Evil 0). 

The trailer also gives us an in depth look into the plot line as well. In the film, the protagonist and friends are tasked with stopping the evil villain before he released a deadly virus upon New York City. Pretty much everything we've come to know and respect in a Resident Evil film or game. 

About Resident Evil Vendetta:

3rd installment of the CG animated film directly connected to the Resident Evil game’s story. Starring fan favorite characters Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield, and a comeback of Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil 0. Executive Produced by Takashi Shimizu for horror mastery, and produced by Marza Animation Planet currently working with Columbia Pictures for Sonic.
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