Firestorm Is The Latest INJUSTICE 2 Character Revealed

Firestorm Is The Latest INJUSTICE 2 Character Revealed

Injustice 2 continues with its character reveals leading up to its May 21 release date. The latest DC Comics character joining the fray between the Insurgency, Regime, Society and Braniac is Firestorm.

The WWE superstar group The New Day are huge gamer enthusiasts as evidenced by their popular YouTube gaming channe/showl, Up Up Down Down (if you recall, we previously featured an episode of the show that revealed the Big Show is a major Destiny fan) . Recently, the group took a trip to NetherRealm studios where they had a quick chat with Ed Boone about the studio's history.

When they got a chance to go hands on with Injustice 2, Boone allowed them to reveal that the DC Comics superhero Firestorm (who currently appears on Legends of Tomorrow) would be a playable character in the game.  

Check out this gameplay footage and reveal in the video below.

The full list of playable characters includes:
  1. Superman
  2. Batman
  3. Aquaman
  4. The Flash 
  5. Green Lantern
  6. Blue Beetle
  7. Wonder Woman
  8. Harley Quinn
  9. Gorilla Grodd
  10. Red Lantern Atrocitous 
  11. Supergirl
  12. Braniac
  13. Poison Ivy
  14. Bane
  15. Robin
  16. Deadshot
  17. Black Canary
  18. Darkseid (DLC)
  19. Power Girl (Supergirl skin)
  20. John Stewart (Green Lantern skin)
  21. Reverse-Flash/Zoom (Flash skin)
  22. Swamp Thing
  23. Catwoman
  24. Cheetah
  25. Cyborg
  26. Doctor Fate
  27. Green Arrow
  28. Captain Cold
  29. Firestorm
Ed Boon previously teased that Injustice 2 would have the largest cast on any previous NetherRealm release to date.  

Injustice 2 is scheduled for release on May 16, 2017, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with Standard, Digital Deluxe and Ultimate Additions available for purchase. Beginning April 11, a digital comic book series will be released each week, written by Tom Taylor, which will serve as a prequel to the game's starting point.

As Batman and his Insurgency seek to capture the remaining members of Superman's Regime, Braniac arrives with a corrupted Supergirl to destroy the Earth. Complicating matters further is the rise of The Society, a secret group of supervillains with their own agenda for the planet.
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