SWAMP THING Confirmed For INJUSTICE 2 As A New Gameplay Trailer Is Released

SWAMP THING Confirmed For INJUSTICE 2 As A New Gameplay Trailer Is Released

Check out a new gameplay/reveal trailer for the latest addition to Injustice 2 - Swamp Thing! Check out his specials and fighting style as he takes on Damian Wayne, Red Lantern Atrocitous and more.

After appearing in Year Three of the Injustice Gods Among Us prequel comic book, Swamp Thing will be making his debut in fight game series as revealed in the gameplay trailer below.

The Avatar of the Green has some pretty awesome moves and stellar defense to make up for his lack of speed.

In regards to the Injustice storyline, Batman and Constantine attempted to recruit Swamp Thing in Year Three of Superman's global domination but were rebuked as Swamp Thing preferred how there was less oil drilling, deforestation and a greater reliance on solar and wind power under the High Councilor's totalitarian rule.  However, with Braniac's arrival and the threat of the planet's destruction it looks as if Swamp Thing will finally take action.

The full list of playable characters includes:
  1. Superman
  2. Batman
  3. Aquaman
  4. The Flash 
  5. Green Lantern
  6. Blue Beetle
  7. Wonder Woman
  8. Harley Quinn
  9. Gorilla Grodd
  10. Red Lantern Atrocitous 
  11. Supergirl
  12. Braniac
  13. Poison Ivy
  14. Bane
  15. Robin
  16. Deadshot
  17. Black Canary
  18. Darkseid (DLC)
  19. Power Girl (Supergirl skin)
  20. John Stewart (Green Lantern skin)
  21. Reverse-Flash/Zoom (Flash skin)
  22. Swamp Thing
Ed Boon previously teased that Injustice 2 would have the largest cast on any previous NetherRealm release to date.  

Injustice 2 is scheduled for release on May 16, 2017, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with Standard, Digital Deluxe and Ultimate Additions available for purchase. Beginning April 11, a digital comic book series will be released each week, written by Tom Taylor, which will serve as a prequel to the game's starting point.
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