New Far Cry 4 Content Coming In January!

There is still more content to be had for Far Cry 4. Escape with Ajay and Hurk from the Durgesh Prison in a new time trial featuring Permadeath. Check out Far Cry 4 Content here!

The new exiting Escape from Durgesh Prison is almost here, where players can race against time and compete against friends and foes to achieve greatness. Compete to get to the top of the leader boards! The new content will be available January 13, 2015.

Far Cry 4

In Escape from Durgesh Prison, Ajay and Hurk wake up after being captured, tortured and stripped of their weapons in Yuma’s prison. Thrown in the dangerous world of Kyrat without anything to defend themselves with, players will complete a series of challenges to find weapons and unlock new skills while trying to reach the extraction point to safety.

Playable in single player and coop, this difficult mode will keep players running across Kyrat to complete side objectives dictated by Pagan Min to recover their lost weapons and upgrade their gear before a final stand-off with Yuma's forces. To ramp up the challenge, when players die they must start the mission over again and use the knowledge and skills they gained during their previous run through to help them reach their extraction point successfully.

Far Cry 4

Escape from Durgesh Prison is available as part of the Far Cry 4 Season Pass or can be purchased separately for $9.99. The Season Pass is still available for purchase for $29.99, a savings of 20% compared to buying each piece of content individually, and includes Escape from Durgesh Prison as well as the content below:

The Syringe – Already available exclusively for Season Pass holders, players must keep a rare and potent recipe from falling into the hands of Pagan Min’s forces. Playable in single-player and co-op, players will need to ensure that he does not use its devastating effects on the rebel forces.

Hurk Deluxe Pack – Five missions, playable in single-player and co-op, including Yak Farm, Blood Ruby and Hurk’s Redemption are available. Access an arsenal of new weapons including a harpoon gun for Hurk.

Overrun – Team up as Rakshasa or Golden Path in this PvP mode and control a series of neutral locations across Kyrat’s countryside to protect them from being overrun by your opponents.

Valley of the Yetis – Ajay’s helicopter has crashed on an unforgiving Himalayan ridge. Explore the frozen landscape and find tools to upgrade your camp and protect it from a dangerous cult when night falls. With single-player and co-op options, players will not be alone, but in the darkest caves players will have more to fear than the cult as the yetis await their prey…

In Far Cry 4 players will experience the most expansive and immersive Far Cry game ever, in an entirely new, massive open-world. Players will find themselves in Kyrat, a breath taking, perilous and wild region of the Himalayas struggling under the regime of a despotic self-appointed king. Using a vast array of weapons, vehicles and animals, players will write their own story across an exotic open-world landscape.

Ubisoft Works Together With Mondo To Deliver A Truly Unique Edition Of FAR CRY 5

Ubisoft Works Together With Mondo To Deliver A Truly Unique Edition Of FAR CRY 5

Boomer The Dog Saves The Day In The Exciting FAR CRY 5 Gameplay Trailer
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Boomer The Dog Saves The Day In The Exciting FAR CRY 5 Gameplay Trailer

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Ubisoft Works Together With Mondo To Deliver A Truly Unique Edition Of FAR CRY 5
Jay Shaw, also known as Mondo, is an artist famous for creating more artistic, unusual versions of popular brands. Ubisoft recognized his talents and decided to collaborate with the artist on Far Cry 5.
Boomer The Dog Saves The Day In The Exciting FAR CRY 5 Gameplay Trailer
Despite being pushed back for a month, Far Cry 5's marketing campaign is operating at full capacity, giving us a new look at the cooperation mode, a cast of characters and Boomer, the bravest dog of them all!
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FAR CRY 5 Box Art First Look Provides Substantial Clues
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