GameFragger's Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void Review!

GameFragger's Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void Review!

After playing the game the past few days, Legacy of the Void is the perfect ending to the Starcraft Story. Check it all out here!

It is kind of crazy to think that Legacy of the Void ends a story-line that is 17 years in the making. I remember walking into our local Media Play (no longer exists) store just because we had time to blow. My family already were big into Warcraft 2 and we would race home to get on the computer to play. My father and I were roaming around the PC gaming section and the sales associate noticed I was looking at the Warcraft box. He asked if we had tried out Starcraft and of course we hadn't. The sales guy hopped on a computer and pulled up Starcraft for us to play. We of course bought the game and our minds were blown.

Legacy of the Void ends one of the longest stories in gaming history. Legacy is is the perfect ending to the series. Legacy's villain Amon makes his presence known from the first until the last mission. The story does a great job of keeping you on your toes with difficult missions and side challenges.

Artanis, leader of the protoss leads the last of his people on a journey of epic proportions. Known characters like Kerrigan, Zeratul and Raynor also make their presence felt. Here are some of my thoughts on the gameplay and other stuff.

In Legacy of the void you have the opportunity to take different units into battle with each mission. For instance the stalkers can be replaced with the throwback Dragoons. How I've missed the Dragoons! Each unit has three possibilities that can be unlocked. The longer you play the more variation you get to play around with.

Legacy also does a great job of catching those who are new to the series up with a "everything you need to know" cinematic. Note: play the prologue before starting the campaign.

The new abilities that you can summon from your flagship are a tremendous help, especially if you are a brutal player like myself. Some of the abilities include summoning a pylon with troops or a laser that fries enemies into oblivion.

The story does a great job of making you feel like the universe is about to hit the fan and blow up. Amon is a great villain that leaves you wanting to play the next mission so you can kill whatever he throws at you. The game at times can be very difficult. There have been a few missions where I finished the level right before I was about to be defeated.

You also get to re-visit old worlds like Shakuras, Aiur (the Protoss homeworld) and a Korhal. A lot has changed to all of these worlds since people last visited them and there are plenty of challenges that are facing them.

I haven't been able to touch the Multiplayer or Co-op missions yet, but will add to this once I get to it!

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