Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void Pre-Order is Live + Beta Access!

Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void Pre-Order is Live + Beta Access!

See what you get when you pre-order blizzard's Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void game. There is more than meets the eye.

Blizzard has come out and said that Legacy of the Void will wrap up the story line. Even though this saddens a lot of fans... including someone who will not be named at GameFragger. To lighten the mood lets go over what you get for pre-ordering Legacy of the Void. In true Blizzard fashion there are lots of goodies!

Standard Edition:

Beta Access: The first thing that sticks out is the instant beta access that anyone who pre-orders the game will receive. This alone is enough to pre-order the game, especially if gamers want to get ahead of the competition.

Archon Mode: There is a new game mode that is being introduced into game. "Archon Mode" adds a new fresh layer to the real time strategy game. Team up with a friend and control your team to vanquish the enemy!

Extra Missions?: The prologue (instant access) and epilogue missions will be available. Find out what happens to the races after the story lines wrap up. Will they go back to being foes or end up friends locked together to destroy anything that will get in their path!

Deluxe Edition:

Unique Portraits and a New Unit Skin: Unlock three unique Protoss-inspired portraits for StarCraft II and dominate your enemies in style with your new Protoss unit skin.

Pets, Transmogs and Card Backs: The deluxe edition comes with perks for other Blizzard games like an Archon pet for World of Warcraft, a Protoss-themed card back for Hearthstone and a Probe pet and Protoss transmog for Diablo III.

Void Seeker Mount: Be the most intimidating player in the Nexus with your awe-inspiring Void Seeker Mount. For Aiur!
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