New Information Released For Soulstorm Air Units

New Information Released For Soulstorm Air Units

THQ released some new information today regarding the Space Marine Land Speeder Tempest, and the Chaos Hell Talon, two of the new air units available in Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War: Soulstorm.

Space Marine Land Speeder Tempest:

The Land Speeder has always been one of the most versatile vehicles the Imperium, and is one of the crucial advantages it has over its enemies. The vehicle can comfortably skim just a few feet off the ground and travel at blistering speeds. The ancient designs for this amazing vehicle were recovered by the famous Techno-Archaeologist Arkhan Land, and the vehicle was named in his honor.

The Land Speeder Tempest is a more heavily armored and fully enclosed version of the Land Speeder. This provides the lone pilot with more protection from enemy fire. The Tempest also has a more extended set of wings rather than simple stabilizers. This allows the Tempest to make sharper turns at high speeds, and to help contend with enemy interceptors.

The Tempest does not have near the speed of other enemy interceptors, but its ability to turn on the spot, and its ability to escape to near-ground altitudes make it a frustrating opponent for enemy pilots. The fact that the pilot, a Space Marine, is often capable of surviving a direct hit on the cockpit, or a crash landing makes the Tempest that much harder to bring down.

The Land Speeder Tempest is also unique because it has two mutually exclusive missile launcher upgrades. A player can choose krak missiles, which make the Tempest more effective against vehicles and other aircraft. Or the player can choose frag missiles, which make the Tempest much deadlier against infantry.

The Tempest requires a Machine Cult, and is available mid-game. Additional investment, however, is required if you want to add missile launchers to your Tempests. Regardless, the Tempest is a deadly addition to an already lethal Space Marine arsenal.

Type: Interceptor
Powerplant: Classified
Performance: Classified
Weight: Classified
Dimensions: Classified (but estimated by heretics to be: Wingspan 3.4m; length 3.1m; height 2m)
Armament: Assault cannon; missile launcher that can be outfitted with either frag missiles or krak missiles.

Chaos Hell Talon:

The Chaos Hell Talon is one of the most effective aircraft on the battlefield, and is literally the most terrifying. The machine itself is an unholy merger of man, machine and demon. The engine literally tears the fabric of reality, and briefly exposes the horrors of the warp, and the aircraft itself wails and screams with the cries and curses of the damned souls sacrificed in the process of its creation. It is rumored that the Hell Talon was designed to fit the needs of Abbadon himself in preparation for his 13th Black Crusade against the Imperium.

The aircraft itself is piloted by three Chaos servitors (servitors: a mixture of man and machine). This means that enemy pilots must contend with three minds rather than one, and worse, minds that have no regard for their personal safety. The Hell Talon pilots fly with machine precision, and the reckless abandon of a suicide bomber.

It’s no wonder that Hell Talon pilots are among the enemy pilots that Imperium pilots fear the most!

The Hell Talon’s weaponry is ferocious and accounts for all enemy types. The mounted auto-cannon can shred infantry, and even pierce light vehicles. The two lascannons can deal with enemy aircraft, and the incendiary bombs can deal with infantry, vehicles, and buildings.

The Hell Talon also has the ability to drop Biotoxin bombs. These bombs immediately infect their target with a deadly plague that can spread to nearby troops. (Players need to be careful using this ability, though, since the plague can also spread to their own troops if they’re too close!).

Chaos Hell Talons require a machine pit, and come into play midway through the game. The aircraft requires additional investment, though, if you want to use the Biotoxin Bomb ability. Savvy Chaos players can make use of all of the Hell Talon’s weaponry to achieve victory.

Type: Fighter-bomber
Powerplant: Unknown
Performance: Maximum speed 2350 kph (1500 mph) at 5,000 feet; cruising speed 1700 kph (1050 mph); range 2200 km.
Weight: Approx 17 tons
Dimensions: Wingspan 10.4m; length 20.3m; height 3m.
Armament: Two lascannons, autocannon and up to eight incendiary bombs
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