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The Rundown Episode 4! Crota
Sony Leaked Emails Reveals Uncharted Movie With Huge Aspirations!
Possible Mass Effect 4 Details Leaked Through A Survey?
Giveaway: Three Epic Editions of Mortal Kombat X!!!
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Check Out the Official The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt TV Spot!
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt TV Spot has just about everything anyone would want in 35 seconds! The game is getting ever closer!
The Warcraft Movie Has Been Delayed. Here are Three Reasons Why That is  Good Thing!
The Warcraft movie was originally supposed to be released in December, 2015, but Star Wars crushed those dreams. See why its a good thing here!
Evil is coming out of the shadows once again in the all new Overlord: Fellowship of Evil game. It boasts a four player co-op play! See the announcement trailer.
The New Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege : The British Unit is Explosive!
The new Rainbow Six Siege highlights the British counter terrorism group. Let's just say bad guys "be running!" Watch the trailer in HD glory!
New Official Total War: Warhammer Announcement Trailer is EPIC!
The Total War franchise is shaking things up and teaming up with Warhammer to bring gamers one epic edition of Total War! See the trailer!
New Official Call of Duty: Black Ops III "Ember" Teaser Trailer. See What You Are Up Against!
Gamers can finally get a better look at what is coming in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Watch the New Ember teaser trailer here.
Star Wars: Force Collection's Newest Update is Here.
The newest update to Konami's Star Wars: Force Collection is here with a contra minigame. Chewbacca is throwning down! See the trailer here!
New The Evil Within "The Consequence" Release Trailer. Available Now!
The next chapter in The Evil Within is here! See what Juli Kidman is up to in the Official "The Consequence" trailer.
The Rundown Episode 4! Crota's End!
With the announcement of the House of Wolves Expansion, we are doing a throwback rendition of the final part of Crota's End raid. Watch it here!
Questions About the Star Wars Battlefront / Battlefield Comparisions Have Been Answered!
Two DICE developers took to the internet today to dispel some rumors that in regards that Star Wars Battlefront and DICE's Battlefield games will be similar.
Sony Leaked Emails Reveals Uncharted Movie With Huge Aspirations!
The published emails have a lot of information on an upcoming Uncharted Movie. See who is in the running to play Nathan Drake!
More Details Emerge for Star Wars Battlefront, Including Details on the Battle of Jakku!
EA gives five reasons everyone should play Star Wars Battlefront. It answers a question everyone is dying to know! They also give some details on the Battle of Jakku a pre-order bonus!
Possible Mass Effect 4 Details Leaked Through A Survey?
Whether or not all of these details are truth remains to be seen, but it wouldn't be the first time that information has been leaked like this from BioWare. See the details here!
Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm Gets a Release Date and an Open Beta
The much anticipated game Heroes of the Storm will be out of Beta testing much sooner than everyone thinks! Plus an open Beta testing period.
The First Trailer is Here for Star Wars BattleFront and It Looks Amazing!
The trailer everyone has been waiting for has arrived... and it looks amazing! This game might have jumped to the top of the most anticipated list! See the trailer and screenshots here!

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