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Check Out This Crazy Promo For Far Cry Primal!
The "Story Trailer" For Dying Light
Uncharted 4
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DARK SOULS 3 "To The Kingdom of Lothric" Preview Trailer
Check out the Dark, yet beautiful trailer of the Kingdom of Lothric... Hit the jump and embrace the darkness!
Hot Many People Will Die in This HITMAN Beta Launch Trailer?!
The friendly neighborhood Hitman is back in town... are you the next target? Hit the jump and watch the bodies hit the floor.
Tom Clancy's The Division BETA Review.
The Division BETA test is in the books and we have a few things to say! Hit the jump and check out the review, the Customization Footage and The "Madison Field Hospital" Mission.
The first game for the SMASH hit move Star Wars: The Force Awakens is coming this year. Hit the jump and check it out!
New Dark Souls 3 Screenshots Are Grim and Dark!
Check out the newest dark and scary screenshots from the upcoming game Dark Souls 3. Hit the jump and check them out!
New Rise of the Tomb Raider PC Tech Feature Trailer
The PC Tech Feature shows just how beautiful and rich the PC version of Rise of the Tomb Raider is! Check it out!
NEW Homefront: Revolution "Freedom Fighters" Trailer Demonstrates The Games Bleak World.
Homefront Revolution's world is seems a little more bleak than what we expected from the second game in the franchise. Hit the jump and check out the trailer!
New Launch Trailer For LEGO Marvel Avengers Looks Awesome!
The new LEGO Marvel Avengers takes you on a journey through various Marvel Films. Hit the jump and see where the adventure will take you!
LEGO DIMENSIONS's Adds 5 New Expansion Packs To The Game.
Headlined By Ghostbusters, the 5 new expansion packs are great in and out of game additions for everyone to enjoy. Hit the jump and watch the ghosbusters trailer!
Check Out This Crazy Promo For Far Cry Primal!
Ubisoft has a unique promotion in honor of the upcoming Far Cry Primal game. Hit the jump and check out the trailer!
Rock Band 4's New DLC Content Released Today!
More content has rocked its way into the game. Hit the jump and check out the variety of bands that have made their way to the game!
The New LEGO MARVEL AVENGERS Trailer Features The Duo Of Thor and Hawkeye!
Thor and Hawkeye are making it rain in this all new trailer for LEGO Marvel Avengers! Check out the trailer!
New Dying Light: The Following Buggy Customization Trailer!
Hit the jump and learn how to trick out the buggy in an all new trailer for the upcoming Dying Light DLC "The Following." It's electrifying!
New Diablo 3 Patch 2.4.0 Complete Overview Trailer!
Hit the jump and check out all the content that is being added to Diablo 3 with the 2.4 patch. Its a big patch!!
NEW HOMEFRONT REVOLUTION 'This is Philadelphia' Trailer
More Homefront Revolution information has surfaced, such as beta information and the different zones that you can encounter! Check it out!

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