GameFragger's Most Aniticpated Game of 2015 Choice Award.
Gamers get to decided what games they want most this year! The best part about it all is PRIZES, PRIZES and DAILY PRIZES! See the games and prizes here!
2015 Most Anticipated Game of the Year Contestant Spotlight: Mortal Kombat X
Mortal Kombat has been around for years. There have been ups, downs and even sideways, but Mortal Kombat X has everything anyone would want in a fighting game. See the spotlight here!
2015 Most Anticipated Game of the Year Contestant Spotlight: Batman: Arkham Knight
Batman: Arkham Knight has GameFragger excited for many reasons. See why it made the list of 16 for GameFragger's 2015 Most Anticipated List!
New Details Emerge on the Battlefield Hardline Beta!
There isn't an easy way to say this . . . wait, yes it is! This Beta is going to be HUGE! There are a lot of details waiting inside!
Want to Know What is Coming to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare? Here is Your Preview!
Call of Duty Released its preview trailer for the up coming Call of Duty: Havoc DLC pack. There is plenty to be excited about in 'Havoc'.
Lego Batman 3 DLC "Arrow Pack" Available For All Tomorrow!
The Arrow Pack DLC inspired by the hit T.V. series "The Arrow," hits tomorrow. Bruce Wayne isn't the only billionaire with a score to settle. See all the heroic details here!
Destiny Updates and Hot Fixes Are Now Live!
See what Bungie implemented in their latest update for Destiny! The Vault of Glass and Crota's End Are Part of It! See the details here!
New <em>Dying Light</em> - "Live Action" Parkour Escape Video.
Could you outrun these zombies? Find out in the brand new Dying Light - intense live action zombie survival video!
Hawkgirl Coming to Infinite Crisis!
Infinite Crisis a free to play MOBA based on the DC Universe is bringing Hawkgirl to the rotation of characters people can play. Check out her spotlight trailer!
Turtle Rock Studios Evolve Has Gone Gold! Check Out the New Cinematic!
What does going gold mean for all the developers at Turtle Rock Studios. The answer may surprise you! Oh, and there is an opening cinematic too!
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