New Dying Light Video Highlighting the Zombie in the PVP Mode. See it here
It has been a few weeks since the release of Dying Light. Many matches have been played in the PVP zone. Here is a video to help you "be the zombie" in PVP.
Evolve in Stores Now! See the Launch Trailer Here!
The Evolve beta was a monster, but the real thing? Is going to be ginormous! See what we have to say about Evolve here!
Dying Light's Season Pass Drops Today, Get Supplied With New Missions!
Dying Light is already one of the best zombie games since we could remember. It provides zombies as well as difficult missions. See all the new content coming to Dying Light Here!
See the New Official Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition Gameplay Trailer Here!
Many fans of the series can now take a look at the gameplay video from the definitive edition of Devil May Cry. Oh the carnage! See the gameplay here!
General Mills and Crayola Team Up With Skylanders Trap Team
The #1 Kids Videogame Franchise of 2014, Unveils Special Edition Crayola Color Alive! Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack and Cereal Boxes from General Mills. Skylanders is at it again see it all!
The Legend of Zelda to Become a Netflix Original Show?
One of the most popular video game franchises is in the works to become a netflix original TV series. See what we know so far!
New Official Mortal Kombat X Features Trailer Is Here!
See why Mortal Kombat X is taking it to the next level with the new official "features" trailer. See all the new features in the game here!
Treyarch Studios is Back to Create This Years Call of Duty. Time to take a step back?
Activision announced the Treyarch studios, creators of Black Ops series, will be creating the 2015 Call of Duty game. See our take on the news here!
The Weekly Destiny Update: Pulse Rifles, Heavy Ammo Fix and Destiny Expansion II: The House of Wolves
There was a lot of news in this weeks Bungie Blog. From fixes, to weapons and finally the next expansion (hopefully it will be an actual expansion), plus the GameFragger weekly adventure! See it all here!
Destiny's Ice Breaker Recreated Out of LEGOs
The popular Destiny exotic sniper rifle got recreated out of over 2,100 LEGOs. The details are astonishing! Check out the pic and YouTube video here!
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