TERMINATOR: SURVIVORS Shares New Key Art Highlighting Alliances And Factions

TERMINATOR: SURVIVORS Shares New Key Art Highlighting Alliances And Factions

New key art for Terminator: Survivors highlights the alliances and factions aspect of the game. Following Skynet's global nuclear assault, humanity has congregated into small factions vying for control.

By MattIsForReal - May 12, 2024 09:05 AM EST
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Developer Nacon has released some new key art for their upcoming game Terminator: Survivors. The new game is a first-person survival shooter set in 2009 — just a few years after Skynet attained self-awareness and launched a global nuclear assault.

"Those who were distant enough from the epicenters or who found refuge in anti-nuclear bunkers had to confront the onset of a new era amidst radiation and societal collapse," Nacon explained in a recent post dedicated to the game's lore. "With long-range communication systems offline, people congregated in small, often conflicting communities, striving to secure the scarce resources available."

The latest key art shared by the developer highlights these alliances and factions. The key art highlights a group of survivors engaged in a firefight at some sort of rural settlement. It was accompanied by a brief post that provides some context for the formation of alliances and factions in the game.

After Judgment Day, survivors have formed alliances and organized into factions, frequently engaging in conflicts over vital resources. While exploring the game world, you'll encounter their outposts scattered across the landscape. Despite the inherent dangers, these outposts offer unmatched opportunities for resource gathering, making them coveted destinations for those daring enough to explore their depths.

The post doesn't really provide any details on the factions you'll come across in the game. In the lore FAQ, Nacon mentions "various factions are competing for dominance over territory and vital resources."

So it sounds like there will be a few main factions in the game, each in control of numerous outposts. It also sounds like a fun way to inject some extra action into the game, by encouraging players to investigate these outposts to secure resources for the journey.

Earlier this year, Nacon dropped a cinematic trailer showing a group of survivors looting an abandoned gas station. Little did they know they were being stalked by a terminator. It turns out they are being hunted by a T-800.

In a follow-up post, Nacon confirmed Terminator: Survivors will feature a "single T-800, a relentless and formidable hunter that cannot be stopped." The reason for putting just a single, unkillable T-800 in the game was both lore and tone/atmosphere-driven.

"The inclusion of a single T-800 in the game serves not only to uphold the integrity of the franchise's lore but also to deliver an immersive gameplay experience that pays homage to the films that inspired it," the developer explained.

Terminator: Survivors is set to release in early access for PC (Steam) on October 24, 2024. It is slated to come to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S at a later date.

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