HELLDIVERS 2's Next Warbond "Democratic Detonation" Brings the Explosive Firepower Next Week

HELLDIVERS 2's Next Warbond "Democratic Detonation" Brings the Explosive Firepower Next Week HELLDIVERS 2's Next Warbond "Democratic Detonation" Brings the Explosive Firepower Next Week

If you plan to spread democracy in Helldivers 2, you're going to need some explosive weaponry. Check out what's coming in the next Premium Warbond, "Democratic Detonation."

By MattIsForReal - Apr 05, 2024 09:04 PM EST
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Helldivers 2's next premium Warbond has been revealed and it's bringing some explosive democracy to the frontlines. Titled "Democratic Detonation," the new Warbond is packed with explosive weapons, powerful armor and, of course, fun emotes.

Over on the PlayStation blog, Arrowhead Game Studios community manager Katherine Baskin shared the contents and details of the "Democratic Detonation" Warbond, which includes three new primary weapons, two secondary weapons and a utility booster, and three new pieces of armor.

A new trailer showing off all the DLC was also shared.

  • BR-14 Adjudicator Rifle: Deliver righteous judgement to your enemies with accuracy. This armour-penetrating assault rifle is best used against smaller groups.
  • R-36 Eruptor Rifle: Keep your distance… this bolt-action rifle fires jet-assisted shells that explode shrapnel in all directions upon impact. All directions. Even your face.
  • CB-9 Exploding Crossbow: Kaboom! Enjoy powerful exploding bolts that dish out max damage upon direct impact. Gravity must be accounted for when aiming.
  • G-123 Thermite Grenade: This little beauty can stick to surfaces before burning up to a toasty 2000°C.
  • GP-31 Grenade Pistol: Does what it says on the label – a pistol that fires grenades. Don’t forget to reload between shots though.
  • Expert Extraction Pilot Booster: Need to get out of a jam fast? This booster lowers the time it takes for the extraction shuttle to reach the extraction beacon. Home in time for dinner.
  • CE-27 Ground Breaker: Medium Armour. “The ground is just another obstacle that hasn’t yet been cleared.” – SGM Janet Jones, Excavation Corps Founder.
  • CE-07 Demolition Specialist: Light Armour. Originally worn by Lunar terraformers, this suit can withstand rapid changes in pressure, heat, and personal velocity.
  • FS-55 Devastator: Heavy Armour. Domestic versions of this armour allow colonial farmers to safely plant crops and mines side-by-side while staying in one piece.

As with previous Premium Warbonds, you'll have to pay to access all this supreme firepower. "Democratic Detonation" will probably cost 1,000 Super Credits, which can be earned by playing the game and the through Warbond itself, or purchased through the in-game store for real-world money. 1,000 Super Credits cost $9.99.

And while season passes or battle passes in other live-service games typically have an end date, the Premium Warbonds in Helldivers 2 don't expire. This means you can progress through them at your own pace without having to worry about it ever going away.

It's been a busy week on the war front in Helldivers 2For weeks now, players have been stuck in a grueling battle for Malevelon Creek. The planet was finally liberated this week, culminating in the recognition of Malevelon Creek Memorial Day and the issuance of a commemorative cape.

But the festivities were shortlived as there were reports of gigantic shrouded warships in the atmosphere above Automaton worlds.

Helldivers 2 is a third-person squad-based shooter in which elite forces of Helldivers battle "to win an intergalactic struggle to rid the galaxy of the rising alien threats" In addition to a wide arsenal of weaponry and armor, players can use stratagems to call down things like turrets, airstrikes, and more.

The game was released back in February to critical and commercial success with over eight million copies sold within the first two months of its launch. Helldivers 2 is currently available only on PlayStation 5 and PC, although it could come to Xbox in the future.

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