Conduit 2

Conduit 2 Launch Trailer

In addition to an all-new, highly engaging single player campaign, Conduit 2 features a multitude of new gameplay modes including the all-new co-op mode Invasion, where up to four players battle side-by-side against waves of enemies via split screen. Designed to be the best online multiplayer experience on Wii, players can also battle each other online with up to 12 players. Each player can create and modify their character's unique look with the modular armor system and selectable skins. A profile system gives players the choice of pre-mission weapon load-outs and suit upgrades, and in-game currency can be used to purchase new weaponry, armor, upgrades, and additional content.

Conduit 2 is available exclusively on the Wii system from Nintendo for $49.99 and has been rated "T" for Teen by the ESRB.
Uploaded 4/22/2011