HEROES OF THE STORM: Top 5 Characters You Hate To See Your Team Select

HEROES OF THE STORM: Top 5 Characters You Hate To See Your Team SelectHEROES OF THE STORM: Top 5 Characters You Hate To See Your Team Select

Gamefragger's Top 5 Characters You Hate To See Your Team Select In Heroes Of The Storm

First off, every character on this list in the right hands and right team compositions can own the opposing teams. If you are a Heroes of the Storm player, you've probably see the following line at some point or another "I'm really good with this character!" You go with the flow (to not ruin team chemistry) thinking we can make this work only to find you and your teamates looking at a "defeat" screen five minutes later. 

Today, we take a look at the top 5 most frustrating selections players make in Heroes of the Storm.  Check out the video below or click on for the full list! 


If you get someone who is on point with their gameplay, Abathur can be so amazing depending on the map and your team comp. However, when taken on the wrong map, or worse, by someone who thinks they're good with Abathur you have absolutely no shot at winning. Awhile back we met up with a guy who played over 500 games with Abathur and was still stuck in Bronze 5. We've moved on and he is still there... terrorizing Hero League and Team League. 

With someone who knows what to do with abathur, however, oposing teams can't have 5 people at one place because Abathur would destroy whatever lane he is in. Even if you have all 5 on an objectives he can clone, kill an opposing player and make it a 4 v 4 and go back to laning like the boss abathur is. No to mention his symbiote can assist teamates or minions to give them more of an advantage in the XP department. It is easier said than done, but possible. 


All t


During the gameplay premiere they unveiled the new supers for each class and boy were we dissapointed. They introduced the Dawnblade (Warlock), Sentinal (Titan) and the Arcstrider (Hunter). The new Sentinal super is great (Captain America anyone?), don't get us wrong, but the Dawnblade and Arcstrider look like bungie took the Bladedancer and Sunstrike supers and rehashed them into "new" supers. 


In Destiny 2, guardians will no longer have to return to orbit to go to another planet. Just pull up the menu screen, select the place you want to go and then you are off! This feature of the game will be a significant upgrade over Destiny. Guardians will no longer get bored grinding the same stuff over and over.  Okay, maybe that part was a little bit of a stretch, but at least we get the addition of "adventures" and "lost sectors." These places and side missions will be marked by certain in game characters that provide unique bosses and of course some great loot.

The Lost Vikings

The Lost Vikings are great at splitting up and giving your team a huge advantage in experience.  

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