BattleForge Build the perfect army and lay waste to your foes in an amazing new fantasy RTS from developer Phenomic. Combining strategic cooperative battles, the community of MMO games, and trading card gameplay, BattleForge is set to take the RTS world by storm. Unlike other RTS games, BattleForge players are free to put their creatures, spells and buildings into combinations they see fit. These units are represented in the form of digital cards from which you build your own unique army. With minimal resources and a custom tech tree to manage, the gameplay is unbelievably accessible and action-packed! Journey to a fantasy realm where mortals are caught in a clash between gods and giants, and standing together is their only option. Command amazing creatures in battle while casting spells to sustain your forces or wreak havoc among your foes. Whether or not you triumph on the battlefield will depend on how you build your deck of digital cards and how you deploy them in the heat of combat. Select a deck of 20 cards consisting of creatures, buildings, and spells. You can buy "boosters" online, win cards in events and quests, and trade and auction cards online. Four different colored card groups have their own strengths and weaknesses, giving you many different ways to play. More powerful cards have higher power costs (and thus take longer to play) so build your deck carefully to strike just the right balance and forge your victory. When your army is ready, head into battle with your friends, charge through a single-player campaign, or take on fellow players. Publisher: Electronic Arts Release Date: January 27, 2009 ESRB Rating: Rating Pending Buy BattleForge
Players worldwide will be able to access the Play 4 Free Version Immediately
BattleForge Players Set off on a Renegade Campaign
New RTS Game Explodes with Booster Packs and Other In-Game Content Available for Cheap
We've got the first BattleForge tutorial video, as well as how to get into the open Beta!
EA launches open beta for online real-time strategy game BattleForge!
Just Five Weeks Until March 24th Launch of Epic Action RTS and Fantasy Gamers Are Gearing up to Play Online With Friends
Phenomic, an Electronic Arts Inc studio, today announced that the real-time strategy (RTS) BattleForge will ship in North America and Europe on March 24 for PC.
BattleForge, the new RTS from EA is now in beta and accepting players into the game!

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