UNCHARTED Spoilers - Here's What Happens In The Movie's Post-Credits Scenes And How They Set Up A Sequel

Uncharted boasts two post-credits scenes, both of which set the stage for some exciting developments in a possible sequel. Here, we take a closer look at what happened and break down what they tease...

Uncharted isn't a prequel to the games or a direct adaptation, but there are two scenes after the credits it's worth sticking around for if you're keen to see where this big screen take on the PlayStation franchise goes next. Much of the movie deals with Nathan Drake's hunt for his missing brother, Sam, with Sully ultimately revealing he worked with Nate's brother and saw him get gunned down.

However, it appears he didn't see what he thought as a scene immediately at the start of the credits reveals that Sam is alive and in a prison. He's writing Nate another postcard warning him to watch his back, though it's unclear who he believes might be a threat to his younger sibling.

A second scene comes right in the middle of the credits and picks up with Nate attempting to get his hands on a map. He's betrayed and held at gunpoint, but it's then Sully shows up - with his moustache - to help the explorer out. It turns out that they're going after Sir Francis Drake's treasure, a direct reference to the events of the first Uncharted video game (appropriately titled "Drake's Fortune").

Roman is mentioned - he was the lead villain in that 2007 title - and just as Nate and Sully make their escape, they're confronted by an unknown threat...who we're assuming is probably Roman! 

We don't learn who will play Sam or Roman, but the stage has been set for an Uncharted sequel that puts a fresh spin on Nate's attempts to hunt down the treasure belonging to his "ancestor."

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