SPIDER-MAN 2 Directors Expand On The Map And PS5 Capabilities

SPIDER-MAN 2 Directors Expand On The Map And PS5 Capabilities

Bryan Intihar and Ryan Smith, Spider-Man 2's creative and game director's, Recently spoke to the map being twice as large, and the game utilizing PS5s fast memory.

By MadJack - Jun 03, 2023 01:06 PM EST
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Source: Washington Post

Spider-Man 2 creative director Bryan Intihar and game director Ryan Smith recently revealed two crucial game elements. First, Spider-Man 2's map will be twice as big. This means players can swing through a much broader open-world environment.

Intihar and Smith also noted the game's use of the PS5's quick memory. They showed how the PS5 lets players gain speed, use wings and wind tunnels, and seamlessly traverse the city. The PS5's rapid loading times make switching characters' perspectives smoother.

Intihar and Smith's insights show the sequels intriguing improvements and optimizations, including a large map and full use of the PS5's fast RAM.

The dimensions of the map in the upcoming game have been specified, and you can be certain that there will be a wealth of uncharted territory to discover. During an interview with The Washington Post, the game's creative director, Bryan Intihar, disclosed that the world map of the sequel will be twice as huge as that of the first Spider-Man game.

According to Intihar, the scale of the city in Spider-Man 2 is roughly twice as large as it was in the first game. Players that choose to play in Queens will find that the environment is more reminiscent of a neighborhood, with smaller buildings. This configuration makes it possible to make effective use of the web wings, which enable the user to swing low and near the ground or to fly quickly through the region.

Players were only allowed to explore Manhattan in Spider-Man, but in Spider-Man 2, the playable region has been expanded to encompass Queens and Brooklyn, along with the possibility of exploring other boroughs as well. Intihar gave an interview to the Japanese publication Famitsu, during which he stated that the addition of Queens and Brooklyn will give a new dimension to the web-slinging experience due to the fact that these boroughs are distinct from Manhattan. He hinted at unforeseen scenarios, such as combat on the river between two cities, which will provide a new and interesting aspect to the gameplay of the video game.

Given the enormous success of Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, fans have extremely high expectations for Spider-Man 2, and the game needs to live up to them. However, a release date has not yet been disclosed, and the most recent PlayStation Showcase only reaffirmed the release window that was previously stated for the fall of 2023.

Getting The Most Out Of What The PS5 Can Do

Even though the PlayStation 5 has been available to consumers for close to three years, there are still relatively few video games that have been developed specifically for this platform. The coronavirus pandemic had a significant impact on the video game production industry, and that impact is still present today. The production of new items is difficult for a number of companies, and Sony is having trouble getting its games into stores because of problems with the worldwide supply chain. 

As a consequence of this, a great number of development teams have chosen to create games for the PlayStation 4, which is now ten years old, with upgraded versions accessible for the PlayStation 5. However, due to the fact that these games were mostly developed with older technology in mind, they do not make full use of the PS5's advantages in terms of its quick memory.

But Spider-Man 2 bucks this tendency because it was designed from the ground up to work on the more recent system. This makes it an anomaly in the industry. Since Insomniac Games has already brought the first Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart game out for the PlayStation 5 (and just for that device), the developer is familiar with the possibilities of the PS5. Within the context of its space-age adventure, the game makes effective use of the solid-state drive to facilitate the rapid loading of many dimensions and worlds. 

The signature aesthetic of Insomniac Games is present in each of the company's games in some capacity. The open-world Xbox exclusive Sunset Overdrive prepared the way for the first Spider-Man game, and now Spider-Man 2 is incorporating the lessons learned from Ratchet. Players are able to travel through the city at faster speeds thanks to the PS5.

According to Smith, the director of the game, players have the ability to build up more speed and utilize wings and wind tunnels to move even faster, which makes it easier for them to cross the river into the newly established boroughs. The PlayStation 5 has all of these functions as standard fare. 

The new ability to switch views between Peter Parker and Miles Morales is made even more impressive by the lightning-fast loading speeds. With the PlayStation 4, switching characters would require a loading time of several seconds, but with the PlayStation 5, the process will be nearly immediate.

When speaking about the team's work on Spider-Man, Miles Morales, and most recently "Ratchet, Intihar noted that they have been able to construct large-scale set pieces that span numerous city blocks, interiors, and exteriors. He made this statement while discussing the team's previous projects. They were able to improve upon the prior titles by applying the knowledge gained from working on those games as well as utilizing the same game engine and staff.

Overall, Spider-Man 2 stands out as a game that has been created specifically for the PlayStation 5, making full use of the system's capabilities and providing a gaming experience that is more streamlined and enjoyable.

Are you looking forward to this sequal coming out? Which part of New York are you going be swinging through? Let us hear out down in the comments!

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