AMD Confirms It Is Working On The New PS5 And Xbox Scarlett

AMD Confirms It Is Working On The New PS5 And Xbox Scarlett

The popular semiconductor company, Advanced Micro Devices or AMD, has confirmed it is currently working on the next gaming consoles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett. Here is more from an interview.

In a recent interview with CNBC, Lisa Su, executive director and president of AMD, has confirmed that they are collaborating closely in the manufacturing of the new generation of Sony and Microsoft consoles. She confirms that both machines will use "a secret formula" in their respective entertainment solutions.

“We very, very much appreciate our partnerships with all of our key customers. Microsoft with Windows and game consoles. We have a vision of where cloud computing is going, and we’re closely on that with them."

"We view part of our strength is that we can work with all customers […] and we can differentiate with each one of them. We’re working with both Sony and Microsoft on consoles, and they both have their specific secret sauce we’re helping them do,"
Su explains.

“The interesting thing about semiconductors is…we’re making decisions now, where you won’t see the outcome for three, four, five years. So, look, we’ve made some good decisions. I love trying to predict the future, and hopefully we make some good decisions," the director concluded.

AMD is one of the leading chipsets and hardware components manufacturers in the world, and recently, closed several important deals with the video game industry.

A few months ago, the company gave its opinion on how the new consoles should be, as well as rumors about the design of PS5. The Xbox Scarlett has a release date of 2020.

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