SAVE YOUR NUTS Review: Here's The Full Scoop On Triple Scale Games' Recent Switch Release

Triple Scale Games launched their fun and silly party game title Save Your Nuts on Nintendo Switch several days ago, and now we're here to share our honest review with you guys. Check out the breakdown below!

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Here at GameFragger we were lucky enough to get a review copy of Save Your Nuts from Triple Scale Games to share our thoughts with you. The new party game title is on Steam and has recently released on XBOX One and Nintendo Switch. This review will focus on the new Switch version, as that's what we've been playing.

Save Your Nuts is your typical party game - if the game was filled with critters fighting over nuts, that is. In Save Your Nuts, that's precisely what's happening as players take control of animals to face each other down for nuts, which essentially take the place of the flags which would be found in most possession minigames.

The game opens with a hilarious and nutty video of squirrels explaining how fed up they are with the current status quo and the oppression of their species. To garner the respect they expect from the world, these creatures have invited numerous animals to join them in "The Nutlympics". Raccoons, armadillos, dogs, cats, beavers, and more join the fight in a scramble to gain the much sought after epic nut from the tree of life of which the squirrels plan to come out on top.

Sporting three different game modes, players are able to enjoy the title online with strangers or locally as the perfect couch party game. For Nintendo Switch lovers who enjoy living room fun, this is a perfect title to check out. With numerous stages ranging from parks and backyards to soccer fields and basketball courts and even madness such as a dungeon and a space shuttle launch site. In both the soccer and basketball games, players use balls instead of nuts to add more diversity to the maps.

In addition the regular Capture The Nut mode, there are two others, and all of them require teamwork to come out on top. Firstly, the Fight Mode, which sounds pretty explanatory, allows players to face each other or team up against enemies or bots in an all out brawl between the rodents. Thirdly, there is also the Steal Mode which is more challenging as after nuts are captured they can be taken by the opposite team.

The game isn't extremely simple, though while it can be a bit challenging, overall it is a very fun title that the entire family is able to enjoy. During this time where families are inside their houses practicing proper precautions, couch party fans will surely be happy to enjoy a fun new title that can be shared by all ages. With a ticket price under twenty bucks, this isn't a purchase that one will regret, but rather a title that will have legs long enough for fans to enjoy with their loved ones for a long time to come.

For families, friends, fans of couch party games, and anyone looking for a silly, pun-filled time, Save Your Nuts is without a doubt the title for you. With the potential of unlocking more maps and characters, the game will keep bringing players back into the fold again and again so that fans can experience all there is to offer. Save Your Nuts embraces the fun and silliness that its name implies, and it works entirely in its favor, which just goes to show that sometimes the safest bet isn't necessarily the best one. - Five out of five.

Check out the reveal trailer for Save Your Nuts below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Save Your Nuts is an accessible and competitive multiplayer game inspired by the classic struggle of suburban pets and local critters like dogs, squirrels, raccoons, beavers, wolves, and armadillos! Players will pick their favorite varmint and chase, catch, throw, and tackle their way to securing the elusive acorns.
Go nuts in this insane 1 to 8 players chaotic arena party game. Put your cooperation skills to the test over intense physics-based battles mixing casual offline modes and competitive Online matches.

Save Your Nuts is now available on Steam, XBOX One, and Nintendo Switch for $14.99. You can grab a copy here.
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