E3: Check Out The New SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY Trailer!

E3: Check Out The New SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY Trailer!

Mario's hat Cappy not only helps in combat and platforming, but also allows players to transform into almost anything in the game world...

Mario can become a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Mario must adventure through many lands on his ship, the Odyssey, to save Peach from a marriage with Bowser, whilst battling Bowser’s recently recruited wedding planners.

Throughout this journey, Mario can become a T-Rex, a tank (yep… a tank), Bullet Bill, a Goomba, a pole, a rocket and so much more. The Treehouse hosts even noted how it is fun to throw Cappy around to see what you can become.

Super Mario Odyssey features the tight and responsive platforming controls expected from the Mario series, as well as, motion controls… Players can play Super Mario Odyssey with detached, separate Joy-Con controllers allowing them to flick the controllers to aim throws of Cappy or to launch Mario in different ways. Separate Joy-Con controller play is said to be the best and most accurate way of playing Super Mario Odyssey.

Mario is now customisable with clothing that is specific to each location that can be bought at in-game stores with coins picked up through play. Each world will feature its own currency, promoting exploration amongst every land to find all of its coins and other secrets.

Players will roam the lands, completing tasks and mini, untimed courses to unlock Moons that will fuel to Odyssey to take out on more adventures.

Super Mario Odyssey launches to the Nintendo Switch on October 27th 2017.

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