Nintendo Reveals That ARMS Will Be Getting A Free-Trial For Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers

Nintendo Reveals That ARMS Will Be Getting A Free-Trial For Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers

Heads up, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers! Nintendo has announced that ARMS will be getting a free trial that will allow subscribers to play the full game for a limited time.

Following the announcement that a character from ARMS would be joining the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster, Nintendo was not done with the announcements; revealing that they had some surprises in store for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

As revealed by Nintendo, ARMS will be getting a free trial for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, which has already begun today, and will be wrapping up on the 6th of April at 11:59 PM Pacific Time; giving players a chance to try out this unique fighting game and get acquainted with its characters.

ARMS was originally released in June of 2017, only but a few months after the Nintendo Switch had launched, and it features a rather interesting gameplay mechanic in which players fight as characters who can extend their arms to punch their opponents.

The game is best played with Joy-Con controllers, but the game also allows players to play with one Joy-Con as a controller, or a Pro controller; offering players a more traditional way to play ARMS.

Choose a fighting champion from around the world, equip your own combination of extendable arms, and then use a mix of button presses and quick hand motions to really take the fight to your opponent. Throw punches and guide them midflight to hit agile fighters, avoid incoming attacks with dashes, or trampoline high into the air to rain down fists from above. Power-up your punches to deal extra damage or curve your fists around obstacles to hit skittish opponents. Fill up your special gauge to dish out devastating combinations and finish them off. Unleash your inner fighter in this unbelievable sporting event!

ARMS is currently available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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