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Aion Exchange App Launched For iPhone, iTouch and iPad

Aion Exchange Connects Players with the MMO through iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad as NCsoft Takes Aion's "Wall Street" to Mobile Devices

Aion: Assault on Balaurea Preview

New instances, increased level cap, pets, and more are coming for Aion! Find out what NCSoft is set to unleash with the Aion: Assault on Balaurea (2.0) update.

Why It Pays To Be An Aion Veteran

Treasure and fame aren’t enough for you? How about lending a hand to one of your fallen comrades, or just more space to store your treasures?

Aion Holiday Ascension Pack Items Detailed

NCSoft has released details on their new Holiday Ascension Pack, including special dyes, potions, and more for those on your gift giving list this season!

Aion Pre-Orders Near 400K!

With Record-Breaking Preorder Sales, Aion Takes its Place as the Biggest MMO Release of the Year. Momentum building for game’s launch next week as preorders near 400,000!

1,000 Aion Beta Keys Up For Grabs For Aion

High Demand Community Site Hosts One Day Giveaway.

Aion Beta Dates & Headstart Program Announced

Dates Announced for Aion's Open Beta, Pre-Select and Headstart Programs. Players are now one step closer to the release of the year's biggest massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, Aion.

Opening Cinematics For Aion Released!

Enjoy a new look at the exciting history of Aion, the world of Atreia and its inhabitants!

Second Video in the Aion Podcast Series

NCsoft is pleased to announce the second installment of the Aion behind-the-scenes videos! This video includes interviews with the NCsoft West Aion team about player customization, PvPvE, combat skills and a review of all the classes available in Aion. The podcast also includes in-game footage of these topics to give viewers a better idea of what will await them in the world of Atreia.

Hands On With Aion

We were able to get our grubby little hands on Aion while attending the San Diego Comic Con. So far, we're VERY impressed!

New Screenshots/Details For Aion's Warrior & Scout Classes

NCsoft has released some new screenshots featuring the Warrior and Scout classes for Aion, as well as class details!

Aion Pre-Order & Game Info

A quick rundown on the benefits of pre-ordering Aion, as well as a quick overview of what NCSoft is set to deliver with their new MMORPG!

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