HOGWARTS LEGACY First Hands On Reveals Magical Features

IGN gives us a closer look at Hogwarts Legacy with a first hands-on session in exploring the Wizarding World. Here are our big 5 takeaways!

With Hogwarts Legacy, we'll have the chance to visit the Wizarding World once more and discover the renowned institution during a previously unexplored era of Harry Potter history. The next open-world action role-playing game, which is set in the late 1800s, puts us in the role of a fifth-year student who has been inexplicably given the ability to control ancient magic.

Hogwarts Legacy foresees a perilous term, from catching up on coursework and seeing every inch of the campus to looking into a goblin uprising that is building nearby. IGN gave us an abundance of insight, and here are the wonderful touches we saw during the session, while we anticipate discovering many more hidden gems when the game debuts on February 10th for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Headmaster Black Cancels Quidditch

The harsh yet wildly famous broomstick sport known as Quidditch is not played in Hogwarts Legacy. The well-known Quidditch field at Hogwarts can be flown around, though. We heard some Ravenclaw students talking about how Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black decided to forbid the activity on campus as we were exploring the castle. It appears that we now have a justification for the reason that we won't be batting off Bludgers in our free time.

This also reveals what we can anticipate from the headmaster of Hogwarts. Because of the Harry Potter books, Professor Black has earned the reputation of being the least popular head teacher, and the pupils have undoubtedly observed this.

Players will be able to mount their brooms to take flight around Hogwarts and the surrounding area while Quidditch is out of the question. As an alternative, you can fly on a mount like a hippogriff or a thestral.

Centaurs and Poachers

Victor Rookwood, a wizard who appears to be specifically seeking us, is reported to be Ranrok's collaborator. We discovered that Rookwood has ordered us to be arrested while conversing about poachers with one of our companions who have been hunting wildlife in the neighborhood. We'll be actively looking into the group's production of goblin metal throughout the story.

Over the years, we've seen plenty of magical beings and races, and Hogwarts Legacy won't be an exception. Centaurs inhabit the forest and are not particularly fond of wizardkind, as we already know. They're naturally irritated by the increasing number of people who are trespassing on their land lately.

Underground Dragon Fights

We are accustomed to seeing dragons around Hogwarts, both as fully-fledged adversaries in Triwizard competitions and as eggs brought in by amiable gamekeepers. However, the dragons we handled appear to be a part of Horntail Hall, a clandestine dragon-battling arena. The fighting ring is bustling with spectators, indicating that this is a large operation, and we got the opportunity to assist in releasing a captive dragon.

Be Weary Of The Wildlife

Dugbogs and other magical animals can be seen in the wild. These creatures are known to be easily aggressive with other animals and, on rare occasions, people, but a fellow student named Poppy claimed that she has seen them acting more aggressively. In actuality, other animals have also been acting more hostilely than usual. Although Poppy provided us with an indication that there might be contaminated water, the actual cause of this is yet unknown.

Alohomora Is Less Magical And More Minigame

Lastly, fans may recall that characters from the Harry Potter series regularly used the phrase "Alohomora" to open doors, windows, and other things. This useful charm has been transformed into a lockpicking minigame where you must gently turn two cogs until the gears are correctly aligned, as shown by colorful sparks. We only noticed this once throughout our session, but we anticipate that it will be more prominent over the entire journey.

Which part of the Wizarding World are you most excited to explore? Lets hear you down in the comments!

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HOGWARTS LEGACY: Essential Exploration Tips And Tricks
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HOGWARTS LEGACY: Essential Exploration Tips And Tricks

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HOGWARTS LEGACY First Hands On Reveals Magical Features
IGN gives us a closer look at Hogwarts Legacy with a first hands-on session in exploring the Wizarding World. Here are our big 5 takeaways!

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