LittleBigPlanet Imagine a world that's yours to shape, build and explore. Imagine the possibilities, then jump head first into the reality. LittleBigPlanet puts the power of absolute creation into your own hands. If you can see it, you can enhance it. If you can't see it, you can invent it. The LittleBigPlanet experience starts with players learning about their character's powers to interact physically with the environment. There are places to explore, creative resources to collect and puzzles to solve - all requiring a combination of brains and collaborative teamwork. As soon as players begin, their creative skills will grow and they will soon be ready to start creating and modifying their surroundings - the first step to sharing them with the whole community. Characters have the power to move anything in this glued and stitched-together 3D landscape; they have the power to design, shape and build both objects and entire locations for others to view and play. There's no complicated level editor; all of these skills can be learned by simply playing the game. Creativity is part of the game play experience and playing is part of the creative experience. Fathom out ways to overcome tricky obstacles as you interact with the surrounding environment, or compose inspirational locations and objects that are totally unique to you. Immerse yourself in an organic world that's just waiting to be personalized. Players can make their world as open or as secretive to explore as they like. When it's ready, they can invite anyone within the LittleBigPlanet community to come and explore their patch - or can go and explore everybody else's. Release Date: October 21, 2008 Publisher: Sony ESRB Rating: Rating Pending
SACKBOY: A BIG ADVENTURE - Details About The Game's Deluxe And Special Editions Have Been Revealed
In an entry on the official PlayStation Blog, developer Sumo Digital has revealed information about the Deluxe and Special editions of the upcoming Sackboy: A Big Adventure.
SACKBOY: A BIG ADVENTURE Director Reveals Some Interesting Details About The Upcoming Title In New Video
Sony and Sumo Digital have released a new video for the upcoming Sackboy: A Big Adventure, which sees Director Ned Waterhouse revealing some very interesting details about the game.
LBPK demo has hit PSN and includes a tutorial track, two Story tracks, a minigame, and a solid selection of costumes, karts, stickers, and more
Check out the first official details on the Marvel costume packs and level Kit coming July 6 to the PlayStation Network
Tired of roses and chocolates? Check out the new Valentines Day Theme Pack for LittleBigPlanet! We've also got an exclusive McLovin SackBoy wallpaper to celebrate the holiday in style!
Exclusive LittleBigPlanet wallpaper now ready to dress-up your desktop!

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