HUNTING SIMULATOR 2 PS4 Review: Answering The Call Of The Wild With Nacon's Newest Simulator

HUNTING SIMULATOR 2 PS4 Review: Answering The Call Of The Wild With Nacon's Newest Simulator

Although the PC version of Hunting Simulator 2 has been delayed until the middle of this month the game has been available on the PS4 for nearly a week now. Read on to get our thoughts on the new title!

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By LiteraryJoe - Jul 05, 2020 08:07 PM EST
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Nacon is back at it again with another installment of their hit simulation title Hunting Simulator. The developer is known for many similar titles that simulate real-life experiences for players safely on their couches such as Pro Cycling Manager, Tennis World Tour, TT Isle of Man, and Overpass, covering a wide array of topics to appeal to a broad audience.

Hunting Simulator 2 is definitely a title that is geared toward an adult audience. Right off the bat, this is made apparent with the tutorial in that the directions say to go for the vital organs and follow the trail of blood. These are necessary to encapsulate the spirit of what it is to be a hunter in the wild. Still, anyone under the age of 13 might find the game uncomfortably gory.

Another reason Hunting Simulator 2 appeals to an older crowd is that extreme patience is required to discover success in the wild. There is an option to make tracking easier with additional markers added to the heads-up display, which I unabashedly turned on immediately. I'm not a hunter in real life, and the patience required is precisely the reason why not, so luckily, the game makes it a bit more comfortable with control options.

Hunters will appreciate the vast array of weapon brands that the game boasts, such as Winchester and Bushnell, which are revealed right off the bat. Certain aspects of hunting are required, such as license purchasing for each animal you wish to hunt, companion options like hunting beagles, prey tracking, and much, much more, making Hunting Simulator 2 a true-to-life simulation title.

If you find yourself having any trouble getting used to the controls or getting the hang of shooting, head on over to the shooting range and spend a little time getting your bearings with the controls. Remember, it is vital to look at the control menu and edit the options to what you are most comfortable with, specifically if you are used to certain first-person-shooter settings.

A few of the animals that can be poached in Hunting Simulator 2 are hares, deer, elk, moose, turkeys, black bears, grizzly bears, cougars, bobcats, and pheasants with numerous more on the docket. Whether you prefer woods or an open plain when it comes to tracking your prey, both options are made readily available to the player from the get-go.

As you progress, more and more options become available so long as you have the funds to stay up-to-date with decent weaponry and all the licenses needed to hunt in the wild legally. While I find many of the steps to be a pain, anyone who enjoys the thrill of a good hunt will feel right at home with Hunting Simulator 2.

The game itself can be a bit difficult to pick up, especially for those with little patience, which is true to form for the sport it simulates. Fans of hunting in real life will undoubtedly follow suit when it comes to Nacon's newest title.

Hunting Simulator 2 - 7/10


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Hunting Simulator 2 is now available on PS4 and XBOX One. The game hits PC on July 16th.
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