Kung Fu Panda Demo On Xbox Live

Kung Fu Panda Demo On Xbox Live

Beat the demo and get an exclusive cheat code for the full game.

By NateBest - May 01, 2008 12:05 AM EST
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The demo for Kung Fu Panda takes you into Po's dream as a Kung Fu master, saving the village from hordes of evil enemies. Po uses all of his signature moves, including the powerful Panda Quake and the hilarious Panda Stumble. Beat the demo and get an exclusive cheat code for the full game which will allow you to unlock characters in multiplayer mode.

Use Po's kung fu skills to save the village.

Po's dream begins with him rescuing the villagers in the Valley of Peace. Quickly Po learns new abilities that enable him the defeat multiple enemies. He even gets the chance to pick up a staff to even the odds a little.

When the enemies start piling on top of him, Po can burst through the roof in over-the-top Kung Fu action. Try out the Panda Stumble, where Po zips across rooftops and around towers as he rolls in a ball. Then prepare for the demo face-off against a boss wielding the powerful Sword of Heroes.

Defeat the boss and the code that immediately unlocks all multiplayer characters (normally available after you beat the full game) will be yours!


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