MARVEL SNAP Kicks Off Chaotic Summer Of "Deadpool Domination"

MARVEL SNAP Kicks Off Chaotic Summer Of "Deadpool Domination"

MARVEL Snap's new season, Maximum Effort, is now live. Inspired by Marvel Studios' upcoming blockbuster Deadpool & Wolverine, the latest season goes big with the Merc with a Mouth.

By MattIsForReal - Jul 09, 2024 10:07 PM EST
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It's going to be a wild and crazy summer in Marvel SNAP this year. The digital collectible card battling game kicked off its "Maximum Effort" season this week and the highlight of the season is none other than Deadpool. 

With Deadpool & Wolverine due to hit theaters this month, it's no surprise that the Merc with a Mouth is the main focus this summer.

This summer, MARVEL SNAP is about to get a whole lot wilder, funnier, and downright unpredictable. Your favorite ‘Merc with a Mouth’ is here to stuff it with chimichangas all summer long. Deadpool is taking over MARVEL SNAP, bringing his unique brand of chaos to new seasons, game modes, Leagues, Alliances, and more! Get the towels ready, generously apply sunscreen, whip up your best guac, and get ready to play MARVEL SNAP anywhere you travel. Oh, and beware of (land) sharks!

Marvel SNAP's new season, Maximum Effort, begins on July 9th with new content, game modes, rewards, and events taking place throughout the month. All of the new characters and cards coming to the game are themed around Deadpool's band of misfits and malefactors.

This new Season Pass character is Gwenpool, an amalgam of Gwen Stacy and Wade Wilson created by Chris Bachalo for a variant cover of Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #2. This four-cost card with 6 Power is an absolute beast with a monster On Reveal ability: "Pick a random card in your hand 3 times. Give +2 Power each time."

Other cards coming to the game this season include Hydra Bob, a 1-Cost, 4-Power who moves when someone Snaps; Ajax, 5-Cost, 5-Power card who gains Power for every card who has lost Power; Copycat, a 3-Cost 5-Power who steals the text from the bottom card of your opponent's deck when drawn; and Cassandra Nova, a 3-Cost, 1-Power with an On Reveal ability that steals one point of Power from each card in the opponent's deck.

Here are the dates each of these cards will be released in Marvel SNAP:

  • July 9th: Gilgamesh - Series 5 Release
  • July 9th: Hydra Bob - Series 5 Release
  • July 16th: Ajax - Series 5 Release
  • July 23rd: Copycat - Series 5 Release
  • August 13th: Cassandra Nova - Series 5 Release

We're also getting new locations based on Deadpool, including Weapon X Facility (Discard a card to draw a card) and Taco Truck (Add a Chimichanga to your hand).

Kicking off on July 23rd is "Deadpool's Diner," a new in-game event that lets you wager more than cubes. It's also the exclusive location to obtain Cassandra Nova.

Here at Deadpool’s Diner, you bet Deadpool’s Bubs before you play! Keep winning and you’ll keep moving up to bigger plates with more risk and bigger rewards. Make your way all the way up to the (biggest plate) and you’ll unlock a brand new character, Cassandra Nova!!! The games inside Deadpool’s Diner will be outside of the typical ladder games, so there’s no risk to your ranking, just to your stomach with that questionable chimichanga. You will first start on Table 1, where you will be given enough bubs for your first match. As you win, you’ll earn enough Bubs to step up to table 2, then 3, 4, and so on. As the tables increase, so does the risk. But no risk, no reward!

Deadpool's Diner runs from July 23rd through August 6th. You can read about Marvel SNAP's newest season here.

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