New Trailer For MARVEL REALM OF CHAMPIONS Reveals The Temple Of Vishanti

New Trailer For MARVEL REALM OF CHAMPIONS Reveals The Temple Of Vishanti

In this new trailer for the Marvel mobile game MARVEL Realm of Champions a Doctor Strange-turned Ancient One explains that you will be the greatest sorcerer the world has seen. Check it out to find out how!

MARVEL Realm Of Champions is a mobile game and the sequel to it's predecessor of almost the exact same name: MARVEL Contest of Champions.

The sequel impressed fans by heading to Battleworld, a location that was sure to get many people to download the game. Now, there has been a new trailer released for the game called The House of Vishanti. In the trailer, the Ancient One (an elderly Doctor Strange) explains that he has 14,000,006 futures and in one you become a great sorcerer - the greatest the world has ever seen.

Check it out for yourself below and let us know what you think!

The Isles of Agamotto were once simply The Island of Agamotto. Little is known of the time before The Great Cleft that cracked the single island into multiple fractured realities, but in its wake, the mystics of The Temple of Vishanti began their scholarly federation. Their primary focus was and remains the Mystic Caldera within which lies a dangerous and powerful portal to other dimensions, some even too dangerous for The Ancient One to study for too long.

Though the Caldera is a source of knowledge for The Temple of Vishanti, it is also a source of danger. During The Maestro’s Conquest the Temple remained neutral, much to the ire of other Houses and even members of the Temple, many of whom resisted his rule. Though outwardly this seemed to many as an act of pacifistic cowardice, only the Sorcerers Supreme know the real reason: The Ancient One could not fight a war on two fronts. Maestros’ destabilization of the realities of Battleworld dislodged many of the mystic safeguards in place throughout the Isles of Agamotto, causing The Dark Dimension’s horological stabilizations to falter.

Now that The Maestro is dead and the safeguards restored, the scholars of The Temple have returned to their study of the Caldera and the realities across the Isles. From their capital in Kamar-Taj at the threshold of the swirling dimensional vortex, to their archive of arcane curios in the Sanctum Sanctorum, the Sorcerers Supreme are poised to be powerful players in the coming days if only they can turn their eyes towards the real dangers in front of them, as opposed to those that lie behind a mystic veil.

MARVEL Realm of Champions is available now on Apple and Google Play.
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