GHOST OF TSUSHIMA Creative Director States That Swords Won't Be "Nerf Tubes"; They Will Be Lethal

GHOST OF TSUSHIMA Creative Director States That Swords Won't Be "Nerf Tubes"; They Will Be Lethal

Nate Fox, Creative Director for Sucker Punch's highly anticipated Ghost of Tsushima, has recently revealed that swords in the game will be the real deal when it comes to being lethal, and won't be "nerf tubes".

One of the criticisms that you'll see often online is that weapons don't really feel like real weapons in video games — especially when it comes to all sorts of blades. Very few games have accurately depicted bladed weapons and how lethal these can be.

Besides being phenomenal games in their own rights, one of the criticisms that games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order or Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice get is that lightsabers/swords don't cut through enemies like they should; often feeling like a blunt object rather than a proper blade.

Creative Director for Ghost of Tsushima Nate Fox has recently revealed that blades in the game will be as lethal as they can be, and that these will not be "nerf tubes" at all. This is actually something that many already figured out from the latest State of Play presentation that saw Jin slicing through enemies with precise cuts that took them out of commission quickly.

"One of the things that we strive for really, really diligently is to keep swords lethal. To feel like those samurai movie battles, enemies have to die with a few strokes of a katana, otherwise it's not a katana, it's a Nerf tube. That means that when they hit you with swords, you also are going to die in a few strikes. It's very challenging," explained Fox during a recent interview with GameSpot.

According to Fox, fighting enemies in Ghost of Tsushima does require proper timing, and this is actually seen in the State of Play presentation too, since Jin would often wait for the enemies to attack first and then counter these attacks with one of his own.

Ghost of Tsushima is finally launching, exclusively for the PlayStation 4, on the 17th of July,  so players will still have to wait a few more months to play the game. Regardless, it does look like all of the waiting will pay off in the end; everything Sucker Punch has shown so far looks stellar, and we cannot wait for the game to hit store shelves.

In 1274, the fearsome Mongol Empire invades the Japanese island of Tsushima and slaughters its legendary samurai defenders. Jin Sakai is one of the last survivors of a noble samurai clan. To combat his overwhelming foes, he must pioneer deadly new fighting techniques--the way of The Ghost--and wage an unconventional war for the people of Japan.

Ghost of Tsushima is expected to release exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on the 17th of July.

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