Bungie Releases Trailer And Details For Destiny's AGE OF TRIUMPH

Bungie Releases Trailer And Details For Destiny's AGE OF TRIUMPH

The last big event for Destiny 1 will take players back to where raids truly got difficult, the Vault of Glass. Check out the launch trailer for Age of Triumph along with details on the event after the jump.

While the Destiny gaming community is still trying to come to terms with the recent news that guns, armor and other gear won't be making the jump to the game's sequel, Bungie has released a teaser trailer for its final event, Age of Triumph.  It seems the Speaker will actually play a crucial role in the final event, leading some to speculate that Age of Triumph might provide clues to where Bungie is heading in Destiny 2.

"We thank you guardian, and we will never forget."

That sure sounds like a final farewell from the Speaker.  

While you can get a glimpse of the massive "Book of Records" in the video below, we'll find out much more tomorrow, during a Twitch stream that kicks off at 10AM PST/1 PM EST.

Wednesday, March 8, 10AM Pacific. Join Bungie for a reveal of how your Destiny adventure is about to come full circle. See what awaits your Guardian on www.twitch.tv/bungie.

Destiny is a 2014 online, sci-fi FPS from Bungie and Activison.  Destiny marked Bungie's second franchise launch after Halo and would be the first release in a 10-Year publishing agreement with Activision.  Activities are divided between PvE, story missions and PvP arena battles.Since its launch, there have been four major expansions and numerous special and holiday-themed events. 

Development on the project began back in 2010 under the codename "Project Tiger", right after the release of Halo: Reach.   A lawsuit from a former Bungie employee revealed that Bungie would release 4 Destiny games over the course of a 10-Year contract with Activision and that Activision would invest $500 million in the game's development.  Bungie would also receive  a $2.5 million bonus if the game received a metractic score of 90 or better (the game debuted to a score of 76).

In mid-2013, with most of the core Destiny elements completed, Bungie upper management felt the game was too rigid and wanted a more open-world feel.  As such, the game's story was 100% rewritten and gameplay was restructured to fit a new narrative, while still using already completed cut-scenes and mission progression.  Many of the cut elements would be repackaged and introduced in subsequent expansion packs.

As late as December 2014, Bungie confirmed that player progression and loot would carry over to the sequel but an update on March 3, 2017 revealed that only player likeness would be transported over to Destiny 2.
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