The Weekly DESTINY 2 Update: Launch Week Filled With Carbs, Late Nights And A Cabal Named Gary

The Weekly DESTINY 2 Update: Launch Week Filled With Carbs, Late Nights And A Cabal Named Gary

What an amazing launch week it was for Bungie and their sequel to the smash hit Destiny game. Hit the jump and check out what the Gamefraggerites were up too during the first week of the Destiny 2 launch!

That is right! The "Weekly" Destiny 2 update is back and bigger than ever. There have been long nights over the past 6 days and it is hard to even know where to start.

The only logical place is launch night on Tuesday September 5th.  The two hours before the game went live were spent looking for the Destiny 2 branded Pop Tarts, which we've yet to find. . . even after visiting several stores. Yes, you can send in your receipt to Kellogs, but they are currently taking five days to send out codes for those who textecd in receipts. In our humble opinion, they had no freaking clue what they were getting themselves into. Here in Utah, it was almost impossible to find the Destiny 2 Zero Carb Rockstars as well. Rage level rising! On a side note, I tried one today and wanted to die. . . they're disgusting, but everyone here will power through to get the Hunter bonus. 

The Gamefragger team rondevued about fifteen minutes before the launch of Destiny 2 to discuss the possibilities of a Destiny camp for youths. It would be a safe place where kids could learn to game while learning to talk to girls or guys and other skill necessary to function in the real world. Our slogan would be "Yes girls, this is the only camp where we boast a 50:1 guy to girl ratio. . . so take your pick!" Screw band camp...  We also started our Gamefragger clan for anyone to join! 

The moment the servers went live we were all hit with queue screens followed by everyone chanting "LET US IN!" That obstacle claimed one of us due to a 32GB update. From there it was all eyes on Gary... er Ghaul. Spoiler... he is the main bad guy. The next three nights were spent getting geared up and ready for the nightfall. Once that was completed it was all hands on deck to get some of the exotic weapons quests finished to boost our power level. During those three nights, we lost a few to Pop Tarts and Rockstars. The two combined form a sickness that not even a ghost can heal, but they do make for a great Destiny post-hangover breakfast. 

Today, we started accumulating rations for the upcoming raid. If the raid doesn't take us out all this junk most definitely will. 

One of the weapon quests has us stumpped currently. We are trying to get the Nightfall done in under 5 minutes. If you have any tips drop them in the comment section below! Also be sure to check out some of our upcomming Destiny 2 videos on our YouTube channel!
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