Blizzard's Official OVERWATCH Cosplay Competition Is Producing Stunning Results

Blizzard's Official OVERWATCH Cosplay Competition Is Producing Stunning Results

There's an international team-based Overwatch cosplay battle going on in Europe right now and the costumes being produced are cinematic quality.

What started in November is now set to end on March 26 as the Grand Prize and community favorite winners of the Overwatch Cosplay Battle will soon be announced.  Blizzard has formed a panel to choose the Grand prize winner while fan voting recently wrapped for the community award earlier today.  The Grand Prize winning team will have all of its members receive a 3D printer valued at  €2,500 (~$3,200). The community winners will receive some framed artwork signed by the Overwatch development team.  

There are 6 teams competing, representing the United Kingdom, France Russia, Spain, Italy, and Germany.  Click the NEXT  button below to check out their work.

More than a competition, the Overwatch Cosplay Battle is a celebration of creativity, craftsmanship, and national pride.

In the Overwatch Cosplay Battle, six teams of three cosplayers from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Russia will showcase their skills by creating one costume each over the course of three months. Help choose which cosplay your team creates by voting for your favorite project! You can learn more about the teams and follow their progress right here.

An official jury made up of Blizzard artists and cosplay professionals will select a Grand Prize winner from the six completed costumes, and you’ll be able to cast your votes once again to choose the Community Favorite.


The UK team consist of (littlejemArtyfakes and NicSamiotis , who decided to go with a moving and smoke emitting Orisa. and smoking Orisa. The costume attempts to stay true to Orisa's size as it is operated by two people inside of it.  


Team France is comprised of the 3-man ensemble of papacosplaykiilys_cosplay & nadcosplay .  The group opted for Torbjörn and constructed a body-suit and wig to replicate his flowing red beard. Their skills really shines with their rendition of Torbjörn's Magni skin.


You just had to assume that at least one team would try to replicate D.VA and it was Team Russia (irine_meieralfakote & 1rouch) that undertook the challenge.  The full-scale mech can fit a person inside and feature moving parts and lighting effects.  This is the cosplay with the most YouTube videos and appears to be a lock for the community award.


Spain is the first of 2 Genji entries with Nebulaluben_MadeOutOfFoam & Ireneskyworld going for the sword-wielders Baihu skin. To replicate the look, the team constructed 100's of intricate scales.


Team Italy (leonchirostarchild_props & nadiaskcom)was the second group to chose Genji for the competition, choosing the popular main's Blackwatch outfit.  There's a big portion of exposed skin but the attention to detail is extreme, down to Genji's Dragonblade..


Last but not least is Team Germany (wegenaermonono_creative_arts & artcorecosplay) who use both makeup and physical constructs to bring Symmetra to life.  They've nailed the coloring of her Dragon skin and the smoke effect is a nice touch.

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