New Overwatch Character Is Coming But It Isn't Doomfist (Probably)

Overwatch is on top of the world and is currently getting ready to release a brand spanking new playable character. Sadly, it seems it isn't one fans are expecting. Click the jump to check it out.

Overwatch is currently the king of not only appeasing to fans but also critics. Rarely will you see people talk disparagingly about it, and that's entirely based on the fact that the game is very good. Many love and Blizzard knows this. So to keep the love train rolling, Blizzard has revealed that they are soon going to be releasing a brand new character. But, it seems that it won't be the character that many fans have been expecting. "We have multiple new heroes being worked on right now, [the 24th hero] is not who you think it is." shared Jeff Kaplan, the director behind Overwatch. And he makes this clear because up until now, many fans had speculated and hoped that the next playable hero to join the ranks would be Doomfist, a fighter with a detachable robotic gauntlet.

And this speculation was fed into even more when actor Terry Crews went on a campaign to possibly voice and play the character (he even made a visit to the Overwatch studios and got a co-sign from Dwayne Johnson). Because of all of this, fans more or less assumed that Doomfist would be the next big thing in Overwatch, but now we know that may not be the case. It's not to say that he won't be added soon, as Crew could have easily recorded his lines and added his likeness for the character to be added at some point in time, but apparently, the next hero to be added is not him. There is some speculation as to who it could be, and many think it will be a character called 'Greek'. Voice actor Alex
Malaos updated his CV with the inclusion of a character by the same name and listed as being in Overwatch. He then, of course, deleted it, but this is the internet.

Many think that Greek is the next character because up until this point, every Overwatch character has had some connection to each playable map, yet the Llios map (which is Greek themed) doesn't have a connection to any character. All in all, a new Overwatch character will soon be on their way, and players will soon get their hands on them.
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