OVERWATCH: Doomfist and Summer Games 2018 Leaked?

OVERWATCH:  Doomfist and Summer Games 2018 Leaked?

Blizzard Entertainment were quick to cover up and remove the unexpected leak contained in Overwatch's Public Test Realm's error logs...

Overwatch’s patch is named as ‘Doomfist/ Summer Games’ in the error log text.

Blizzard quickly removed this from the PTR, almost instantly after it was accidentally stumbled upon. This removal only confirms what was leaked. The Summer Games are returning and Doomfist is finally entering the battle.

Doomfist has, arguably, been the most anticipated hero since the launch of Overwatch. He started off as nothing more than a throwaway name and plot device for a cinematic reveal trailer, then into an important figure in Overwatch’s lore with the Doomfist gauntlet once being the payload of the Numbani map and with the first two Doomfists being postered across Numbani. Presumably, we’ll play as the third Doomfist, a villain, who exists in the current timeframe of Overwatch as he had a hand (or fist) in the creation of Orisa.

Blizzard have previously promised that events will return with improvements and they’ve followed up on it. The Summer Games will return this year! Hopefully, the old skins will be up for grabs again for those who didn’t complete the set and new skins will be added to Summer Games Loot Boxes. The fan favourite game mode, Lucio Ball will, probably, make a return as well, with unexpected changes to improve its fun gameplay.

More details are expected to emerge in the coming weeks.
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