CRASH TEAM RACING NITRO-FUELED Embraces Its Inner MAD MAX In New "Rustland Grand Prix"

CRASH TEAM RACING NITRO-FUELED Embraces Its Inner MAD MAX In New "Rustland Grand Prix"

Activision introduces Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled players to the post-apocalyptic new Grand Prix, Rustland, in recently released trailer — as the event kicks off tomorrow.

Activision and Beenox really deserve a lot of praise for the wonderful job they've done with Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, especially when it comes to the all of the content they have been releasing for the game after its release; all of it free, mind you.

This free content for Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled has been released in the form of Grand Prix events, which usually add a brand-new, and original race track, some new items and parts for the karts — as well as new skins for existing character, and even new racers.

Grand Prix events have been released on a monthly basis, and January's Grand Prix is embracing its inner Mad Max, as it brings with it the post-apocalyptic Rustland race track, post-apocalyptic vehicles, stickers, and skins, and brand-new racer Megamix; a mash-up of Neo Cortex, N. Gin, Dingodile, and Tiny Tiger.

The Rustland Grand Prix event will be kicking off tomorrow, on Thursday the 16th of January, and will be available until the 16th of February. As usual, this new content is being added automatically via a free update. For more details about the Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Rustland Grand Prix, be sure to visit Activision's official blog for the game by clicking right here.

Take a look:

Crash is back in the driver’s seat! Get ready to go fur-throttle with Crash™ Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. It’s the authentic CTR experience, now fully-remastered and revved up to the max. With Crash™ Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, the stakes are high and the competition is fierce. It's the CTR you love, now kicked into the highest gear.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is currently available for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.
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