Warcraft the Movie

Warcraft the Movie Warcraft the movie coming to theatres March 2016.
Director Duncan Jones Reveals WARCRAFT Sequel Ideas
Though Universal Pictures' Warcraft was a smash-hit overseas, its staggeringly disappointing domestic box office numbers have put hopes for a sequel in serious doubt.
The Brutal Honest Trailer For WARCRAFT Is Probably Best Avoided By Fans Of The Franchise
As expected, an Honest Trailer for Warcraft has been released and it definitely doesn't hold back! If you're a fan of the video games and enjoyed the movie, don't be surprised if this one gets under your skin.
The WARCRAFT Movie Has Three Epic Digital Loot Drops!
Blizzard announced that the Warcraft movie that will be released soon will have three digital codes for some of their games! Hit the jump and check out what you will get in select Blu-Ray and DVD's!
Duncan Jones Gets Candid About The WARCRAFT Movie
Duncan Jones candidly voices his frustration with the Warcraft movie and what his plans are for the sequel...or rather, if he even WANTS to return for a sequel. "I’m equally proud and furious about Warcraft."
First WARCRAFT Deleted Scene Released
The first deleted scene from Legendary Pictures and director Duncan Jones' Warcraft is now online and features Durotan, Hellscream and Blackhand discussing the positives and negatives of The Fel.
Is Legendary Moving Ahead With More WARCRAFT Films?
Could Legendary Pictures be moving ahead with plans for a Warcraft sequel? Despite an underwhelming performance at the domestic box office, the film is currently the highest grossing video game movie of all-time.
REVIEW: Duncan Jones' WARCRAFT Should Impress More Than Critics Say. SPOILER FREE
Critics have been hammering Warcraft for a few weeks now for what Warcraft ins't instead of for what it is. Hit the jump and enjoy a fresh perspective on the game based on Blizzard's smash hit game!
INTERVIEW: Blizzard's Creative Director James Waugh Weighs In On NEW Graphic Novel and Movie!
The prequel graphic novel to Blizzard's upcoming movie Warcraft is available now. Gamefragger had the opportunity to interview James Waugh, Director, Story & Creative Development at Blizzard. Hit the jump and read on!
New WARCRAFT Movie Behind The Scenes Character Posters
New behind scenes posters have been released for Legendary Studios and Blizzard's upcoming Warcraft movie. Hit the jump and check them out!
A whole new line of Warcraft Collectibles are making their way to BlizzCon tomorrow at the grand unveiling of the new Warcraft Movie Trailer!

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