Shane McMahon Performed His Own Motion Capture Work For WWE 2K17

Shane McMahon Performed His Own Motion Capture Work For WWE 2K17

As time has gone on, the WWE 2K video games have become more and more accurate, but SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon is more passionate than most about making sure they're spot on!

While the WWE 2K video games need some serious work in terms of gameplay, there's no denying that they're pretty damn accurate when it comes to the way WWE Superstars are portrayed in regards to their movements and mannerisms. However, some members of the roster take that a lot more seriously than others. 

In fact, the boss's son is among them as Cody Rhodes revealed in a recent interview that the current SmackDown Live Commissioner actually insisted on performing his own motion capture moves for the latest instalment of the hit series.
"Most of the MoCap guys are pretty well known because it’s the same crew of guys that always goes and does MoCap because it’s great money for them. Whoever did my MoCap watched Stardust’s very first entrance and nothing else because I never did half the stuff ever again. It was funny to watch, like, hey, well, that’s what they used.
"Shane McMahon did his own MoCap! Did you guys know that? Went in and did his own MoCap. Didn’t want someone else doing his moves.
"Yeah, so they get some really talented folks — and really, those guys, they make sure they get their MoCap. They get some very talented folks that know how to do almost everybody’s stuff, and properly, and they execute it and they’ve got all the dots on them and they film it. But Shane put the dots on himself, on his sneaks and everything and did all his own stuff, apparently. He’s Shane McMahon. Just the man."

That's an interesting look into both the work that goes into the games and the mindset of Shane McMahon. His entrance is definitely unique, though, and it's easy to see which WWE Superstars have taken the time to perform their own motion capture work while watching the entrance videos for the game. 

WWE 2K18 is likely to be revealed at some point in the next month or two based on past years and rumour has it that Seth Rollins is going to be the cover star. 
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