5 Franchises We'd Love Nintendo To Resurrect On The Switch

5 Franchises We'd Love Nintendo To Resurrect On The Switch

The incredible success of the Nintendo Switch brings about great potential for Nintendo to revive their long dormant franchises into modern day gaming...

There’s hope amongst the fans that Nintendo reignite dormant franchises whilst breathing life into franchises that have incredible potential. The key word with the Switch is potential, many games, old and new have it on the Nintendo Switch. Games which will obviously arrive in time (like Smash Bros) are excluded from this list.


5. F-Zero

Fast RMX has proven the interest in this series. The challenging, high-octane gameplay has an audience that is begging for the return. The Switch is more than powerful enough to holster a new F-Zero.


4. Advance Wars

With the recent success of Fire Emblem, one must question whether the once great Advance Wars series can do the same. With the JoyCons, two player battles are always available for the players.


3. Kid Icarus

Kid Icarus: Uprising on the Nintendo 3DS was an under-appreciated gem which was held back by the awkwardness of its control scheme. However, the game itself boasted great potential. The robust loot system and shorter levels would fit perfectly on the Switch. The multiplayer battles could rival Nintendo’s Splatoon. The potential could only grow with offline, randomly generated, short dungeons where you can earn loot (depending on difficulty) to take into the campaign and multiplayer. Imagine earning loot in portable mode, then docking your Switch to test it out in the multiplayer arena.


2. Star Fox

Star Fox Zero may have been a misstep, but there’s no denying the potential that the series has if it is given space to grow rather than retreading the same old ground with different controls. The ever-changing champaign could grow with new vehicles, foes, worlds, abilities and weapons. The multiplayer battles could feature all of this in the form of heroes, where each hero has an assigned vehicle, weapon and ability, making it Nintendo’s very own class based shooter to enter into the emerging esports market. The game could even add proper Amiibo functionality where scanning an Amiibo gives you a character based skin for a hero.


1. Metroid

Metroid fans need a new main series game. If the backlash towards Federation Force was not clear enough, then the multiple fan made games should clarify. Metroid fans are passionate and patient, but patience has been growing thin with the lack of a new game (excluding Federation Force) since the Wii. Nintendo could overhaul the series like they did with Zelda; imagine an open world Metroid game where Samus crashes onto an alien planet and scavenges armour and weapons like in Breath of the Wild. The series could even reintroduce the multiplayer found in Metroid Prime Hunters to add further justification towards the subscription fee and add longevity towards the game.

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