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SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2 Super Bowl TV Spot Features Fight With Knuckles And Unexpected MCU Reference
Paramount Pictures has unleashed the "Big Game" TV spot for Sonic the Hedgehog featuring quite the dust-up with Knuckles and an unexpected reference to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Check it out!
DEATH STRANDING Developer Kojima Productions Launches Film, Television, and Music Division
Kojima Productions, the studio founded by Hideo Kojima that developed Death Stranding, has announced that they will be producing film, television, and music content.
Despite the mixed reception of the film and particularly troubled production of Sonic The Hedgehog the studio is moving ahead with a sequel. The most exciting part is that Idris Elba will be playing Knuckles.
CANNON ARM AND THE ARCADE QUEST: New Danish Documentary Follows Gaming Pro Attempting To Claim GYRUSS Record
Attempting to beat the record of playing Gyruss for 56 hours straight, the quest of arcade gaming professional Kim "Cannon Arm" are chronicled in a new documentary called Cannon Arm and the Arcade Quest.
NETMARBLE: The Game Publisher Has Acquired Majority Stake In Kung Fu Factory
Netmarble has recently acquired majority stake in game developer Kung Fu Factory making the company expand even more. Hit the jump for more information.
RED BULL: A New AR Game Brings Some Of Red Bull's Best Sports Directly To The Player
Red Bull is taking AR gaming to a whole new level with Discover Your Wiiings. Hit the jump to check out some of the superstars that are appearing in the game!
RED BULL GAMING: An Awesome New Tournament Is Coming That Will Offer Some Great Prizes
Red Bull Gaming has a brand new tournament coming to players. Hit the jump to get all of the information on the third annual Red Bull Adrenalan!
YAKUZA: Special Event To Celebrate The Series' 15th Anniversary Expected To Be Livestreamed Next Month
Sega and Ryƫ ga Gotoku have announced that a special event will be livestreamed early in December, which will celebrate the critically acclaimed Yakuza series' 15th anniversary.
RED BULL GAMING: A New Panel Is Coming That Talks About The Gaming Industry And Its Future
Red Bull Gaming is pulling together some great minds of the industry to talk about its future and stories about their own history and journeys. Hit the jump to find out when to tune in!
PROJECT 007 Is The Mysterious Project That HITMAN Developer IO Interactive Is Currently Working On
Yesterday IO Interactive teased players by revealing that a new project would be unveiled today, and the developer has just announced that this project is actually a brand-new James Bond game.