Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition review

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition review

My thoughts on one of the best fighters of this generation. Can it survive on a handheld system? Come read with us and find out!

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition is a release title for the 3DS but underneath that all it is unmistakably the console Super Street Fighter IV. This old-school fighter has everything for the pro's and even the beginner's to enjoy. It has everything from it's console brother such as the characters, moves, sounds, silly faces, but on a handheld. It also has modes from its console brother, online play, and a few new additions. If you are a pro in fighting games or even a beginner this is a game for you.

One thing about gaming on a portable system is that they can never deliver the same arcade perfect controls. The 3DS circle pad is an great addition for doing moves such as Hadouken. You can also use the d-pad to pull off combo's. Since this is a portable system the 4 buttons on the 3DS are not enough to pull off the super combos so Capcom's solution was to assign macros to four areas of the touch screen. In "lite" mode, these macros can be for things like Ultra Combos and special moves. They also included a "Pro" mode which tones it down, and allows useful macros like "all three punches" or "throw" that help make up for the controller loss. I thought that this would be a gimmick but it actually works very well!

The online service does deliver very well! For a Nintendo console you would expect there to be at least some lag but on my part it has been 100% lag free! Just as in the console version you can accept challengers while in the middle of an arcade battle. You can choose matches from online lobbies, specify dynamic 3D or the normal perspective, and even watch online matches with "Channel Live." You can also battle you buddies who have the game, or you can use the "DS download" function for your buddies who do not have the game.

The game looks fantastic, especially the character models, but a few things were cut to squeeze it onto 3DS. Most noticeable are the backgrounds, which are now totally static and makes a weird combination with the 3D models. The 3D is great as the traditional side view pushes the back wall of the arena further away, creating a noticeable distinction between the environment, the fighters and the stage props. It's an undeniably cool visual trick, even if it is likely to lose its novelty after a few matches. There is also an over the shoulder 3D mode on which you see the punches and Hadoukens come at you.

Extra Features:
There is also a "StreetPass" mode in this addition of the game. Players purchase "figurines" using credits earned in gameplay or purchased with Play Coins. The figurines, each of a Street Fighter IV character, have their own levels and stats. When you put the 3DS in sleep mode, your chosen team of five figurines will automatically "battle" with other SSFIV owners' teams, and you'll get the results when you open the system back up. You can also trade these figures.

In my opinion this game is a must buy! It is the best any portable Street Fighter can be! The graphics, slow paced gameplay, characters, online, and 3D make this game worth another purchase. The 3D is not a gimmick as it adds another dimension to the game making it look better than the console versions. Despite the minor flaws this game is excellent and I recommend anyone who has a 3DS to treat themselves to it!

I give this game a 9 out of 10!
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