The Recently Announced INKYPEN App Will Not Be A Nintendo Switch Exclusive

The Recently Announced INKYPEN App Will Not Be A Nintendo Switch Exclusive

InkyPen is a recently announced app that will allow people to read comics on their Nintendo Switch, but this new app will not be a console exclusive as initially believed.

InkyPen is a comicbook reader app that was recently announced for the Nintendo Switch. The service includes some comicbooks from companies like IDW and Valiant Comics, and even manga—although InkyPen will not be featuring any content from Marvel and DC.

This is a great app for people who want to read comics without actually owning physical copies of them, which is actually what makes it the perfect app for a portable console such as the Nintendo Switch.

InkyPen will not be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, though, as new information has surfaced online thanks to an interview that German site ntower had with InkyPen's CEO Ronan Thomas Huggard.

During the interview, Huggard was asked if the app would be a Nintendo Switch exclusive and he replied that this was not the case.

"No. No, we're going to expand to other platforms. And your subscription will be transferable", explained Huggard; making perfectly clear that the app will work on other platforms. He then added:"the idea is that it's a synchronising experience across devices. For us it's about providing a really good experience first on one device with the right content. And then we're going to work out other things".

The app is launching on the Nintendo Switch first as a timed exclusive but Huggard mentions that they have been approached by other mobile companies regarding the app, although he played coy when asked about a release timeframe.

"No. We have no commitments to any future platforms, yet. We are in discussion with people by whom we were approached by. Some of the biggest names out there. We view ourselves as a conscientious service provider, so we're trying to find out what works for them as well as for the artists and the creators. And I can one hundred percent confirm, that Nintendo Switch will not be the only platform".

The Nintendo Switch is actually the perfect console to start promoting their app right now. Mobile devices, in general, are obviously a strong contender but the Switch can help them develop the app for both mobile devices and home consoles, so it was a wisew decision to go to Nintendo first.

The InkyPen app itself sounds pretty great—especially on the Nintendo Switch—and there is a lot more information about it, so click right here to read ntower's full interview with Ronan Thomas Huggard.

InkyPen is a new comic subscription service on Nintendo Switch™. Comic book, manga and graphic novel fans can read what they want, when they want with access to the full catalog for only 7.99€ / 7.99$ a month!

InkyPen will be available for the Nintendo Switch in November.
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