Formats: X360, An, PC Out: Available now (online) (X360) 9/1/2014 (online) (An) 21/12/2010 (online) (PC) Publisher: Microsoft (X360 XO) Mojang Specifications (An PC)
Find Out How To Create And Use A Diamond Pickaxe In MINECRAFT
Check out my tips and tricks for finding and mining diamonds in Minecraft, with the ultimate goal of getting your own Diamond Pickaxe!
Mojang Reveals The Tuff Golem As The Final Potential New Mob Ahead Of MINECRAFT Live's Mob Vote
Mojang has revealed the third and final (potential) new mob that will be an option during next week's Mob Vote at Minecraft Live and face off against "the Sniffer" and "the Rascal".
MINECRAFT Unveils Another Mob That Players Can Potentially Vote Into The Game Next Week
Mojang has revealed another mob that will be an option during the forthcoming Mob Vote. This time around it's a mineshaft-dwelling dwarven creature called "The Rascal".
MINECRAFT Reveals The First Of Three Potential New Mobs That Players Can Vote Into The Game On October 14th
Mojang has revealed the first (potential) new mob that will be up for grabs during this year's Mob Vote on October 14th. Check it out...
MINECRAFT World Generation Overhaul CAVES & CLIFFS: PART 2 Update Release Date Finally Announced
Long-awaited Minecraft update "Caves & Cliffs: Part II" will debut later this month and introduce major changes to world generation including deeper depths and higher peaks. Hit the jump...
MINECRAFT DUNGEONS Finally Gets Cross-Platform Multiplayer Play; Cloud Saving Also Announced
Mojang Studios has kindly reminded players that cross-platform multiplayer has just been added to the popular Minecraft Dungeons; cloud saving has also been announced.
MINECRAFT: Mojang Studios Reveals That STAR WARS Content Has Just Become Available In The Marketplace
Mojang Studios has surprised everyone by revealing that Star Wars content has just hit the Marketplace in Minecraft, including content from Disney+'s critically acclaimed The Mandalorian.
MINECRAFT DUNGEONS: Mojang Studios Will Be Implement Cross-Platform Support Next Week
We have great news for Minecraft Dungeons players, as developer Mojang Studios has announced that they will be implementing cross-platform multiplayer next week.
SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE: Latest Update Has Changed The Controversial Win Pose For MINECRAFT's Steve
The latest update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has changed a controversial win pose for Minecraft's Steve, by removing a certain item that was rather suggestive.
MINECRAFT DUNGEONS: HOWLING PEAKS - Mojang Studios Shares New Details In Developer Diary
Mojang Studios recently revealed the release date for the Howling Peaks downloadable content in Minecraft Dungeons, and today they have shared some new details about the upcoming expansion.

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