Overlord Dark Legend

Overlord Dark Legend Overlord Dark Legend is an all-new Overlord action adventure that has players taking the role of a younger Overlord. Growing up in the Cinderella-esque Castle Gromgard, this teenage Overlord soon discovers the power at his disposal and that he has the support of anarchic army in the form of the Minion horde. As he revels in command of the mischievously malicious and downright destructive Minions, our trainee tyrant heads off to take his growing pains out on the local fairytale inhabitants as he protects his castle and lands.

Penned by renowned games writer, Rhianna Pratchett, the game features Overlord favourites including Halflings, trolls, elves, dwarves and introduces fairytale favourites that include wicked witches, gingerbread men, the Tooth Fairy and Lil’ Red, the seeming sweet girl with a very personal lupine secret.

Release Date: June 26, 2009
Publisher: Codemasters
ESRB Rating: Rating Pending
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Overlord Dark Legend Coming To Wii

Overlord Dark Legend Coming To Wii

Fairytales just got darker and funnier! Overlord Dark Legend coming to Wii. Check out the new screenshots and trailer!