HARRY POTTER Open-World Game Is "Very Real" And Will Allegedly Be Releasing In 2021, Sources Claim

HARRY POTTER Open-World Game Is "Very Real" And Will Allegedly Be Releasing In 2021, Sources Claim

Reputable video game insider Jason Schreier has claimed, once again, that an open-world Harry Potter game produced by Warner Bros. Games is very real, and that it could be launching in 2021.

Reports claimed, in March of this year, that Warner Bros. Games has been working on a bunch of new games that were expected to be unveiled during this year's E3. Of course, we now know that E3 was cancelled, but the games that Warner Bros. was going to announce included the popular Harry Potter series.

Earlier this month, in fact, sources claimed that not only this mysterious new game was going to be called Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy, but that it was also expected to launch at some point in June of 2021, and would see players creating their own avatar and joining one of the series' four iconic houses.

Reputable video game industry insider Jason Schreier has recently revealed that this open-world Harry Potter game is very real, and backs up the information released earlier this month by claiming that, according to two of his sources that are actually working on the game, Harry Potter: A Dark Legacy would indeed be releasing in 2021.

According to Schreier's sources, this brand-new open-world Harry Potter game is being developed Avalanche Studios, which is well-known for open-world games titles like the ones in the Just Cause and RAGE series, as wells the critically acclaimed Mad Max.

This information also reveals that Harry Potter: A Dark Legacy would not only be releasing for this generation of consoles, as a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X version of the rumoured open-world video game would also be currently in development at Avalanche Studios.

Here is where things get complicated, since these sources also claim that the reason why this new Harry Potter game hasn't been officially mentioned yet is because the studio is conflicted by some "controversial" comments made on social media by Harry Potter series creator J.K. Rowling.

It is unlikely that this alleged Harry Potter game could be cancelled at this point, especially since it's apparently been in development for quite a while, but is is possible tht the studio won't be announcing it untill the whole J.K. Rowling controversy dies down. We'll still keep our eyes peeled for any information on this rumoured project.

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